Fast Food Industry Cooking up Success this 2014


Global Fast Food Industry posted revenue of $ 551 billion

Fast-Food-IndustryFast food as most of us would be aware is the term given to food items which can be prepared in no time, quickly: within a few minutes. Thus, the fast food industry is also famous as the “quick service industry”. The initiation of such a food service industry is believed to date back to the early 1950’s when the concept of fast food was started in the US when meals with pre-cooked ingredients were served to workers during their lunch hours. Later the same concept came up in the form of eating joints and fast food hotels or the fast food joints those became an instant success among people.

Today, the fast food industry has its presence in every corner of the globe and there are huge brand names that have created a substantial market share, some of these household names are McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and many others serving different snack and main course preparations.

These fast food brands found it tough to sell off their delicious preparations as their business witnessed a downside due to the globe economic crises some 5-6 years ago. However, the expansion period has once again picked up and there is a need to review the market approach from time to time in order to sustain the heated competition. It is very difficult to convince the client in the industry today and grabbing attention is a must to win a profitable business chat. There are some aspects that the contenders are working on this year, these pointers are ought to prove advantageous even for the newborn fast food operators.

So, please take note.

High-end comforting interiors must today:

First understand the purpose of people eating out; it’s just not for the taste always. Customers prefer to have something they like in some place where they would love to have them. High end interiors, (pleasant setting, it doesn’t always need to be rich) is the order for the day. Most of the eateries even the best of brands are constantly working on their set-up and renewing their interiors with comforting elements like the armed leather chairs, couches, lounge ambiance, flat screen televisions and fire places. This sounds like some heavy investment but if one seriously notices that kickbacks, they turn up to be the minimal efforts to grab the footprints.

Ingredient Transparency:

This by far is one disclosure that will pay off. People today want to know every bit of what they are consuming. Moreover, they are much interested in all the smallest things that go into the preparation of the dish and their origins. It is good to be transparent and in the past there have been examples of brands showcasing their recipes to their customers and earning kudos for it.

Hitting flavors are top favorites:

Food experts are predicting the bold flavors from Asian and Latin American kitchens to top the list this year. People are opting for brighter colored and strong hitting tastes and enjoy them to the fullest.

Steady the cost factor:

Cost stabilization is a common demand this year from foodies everywhere. Nobody wants to pay over costing hotel bills all month, especially after the faithful economic messy experience. The good news being that the cost this year will drop as the bad expensive days are off for a toss. Happy eating out!!!

Mobile your food:

Technology is ought to play a vital role in our lives, this line has been repeated in infinity. Trends like online ordering, voice orders and pre-planned dinning have already become regular. Hotels and fast food operators just need to pay attention to their continued satisfying service. Serving hours also have to be flexible according to the client requirements. Customers love the outlets which are ready to serve them during their preferred hours. Late hours servicing joints hold an advantage this year.

“Good-for-you” food menus are main menus:

Most of the population is turning to be health conscious, so serving healthy food will result in good returns. Eaters want to know what’s good for them, their intake and health. Serving the dining table accordingly along with some health tips will help run business better for the hotel owners. For the fast food owners; it is better if they adapt the healthy food menus at the earliest.

Its Tea time:

Tea is on its way to become the most consumed beverage, it may replace the traditional coffee mindset that has been lingering in America, Europe and rest of the regions. The market for tea has shot up as the count of tea drinkers has increased universally. Moreover, there are a number of experiments, improvisation possible with tea and its flavored versions; bringing out some of the unheard preparations which even taste good for a change over.

The fast food industry is growing at an average rate of 3.5% and this rate is estimate to be active for the periods of 2009-2014.