Fast Food Joints- Munching In Quick Bucks


Burp! … Have a Quick Bite

Fast FoodFeeling hungry? Want to munch on something quickly? Finding a place to eat? look around the corner. There is fast food joint just right there. Fast food restaurants or joints is a place where you can have quick bite to fill up your tummy, spend time with your friends and family, have a cozy time along with relishing your meals. They serve from small snack items to wholesome meals in lot of varieties. Burgers, pizza, croissants, pastries, sandwiches, tea, coffee etc are all included in the menu list of these fast food outlets. These outlets are mostly popular among kids, college students, youngsters, working women and men.

In the recent times this concept has popped up in India in a very rapid scale. You can now find a fast food restaurant literally in every town and city, in every nook and corner. They not only provide variety of snack and food items but also have tariffs suiting different pockets. Where a short meal can cost you a huge buck in any good restaurant, their combination meal and budget snack items offer you quite a good economical deal. This sector has shown quite a quantum jump in the recent years. Fast growing urbanization, forming of the nuclear families, increased per capita and disposable income, changing lifestyle and eating habits has all contributed to the growth of this sector. With the entry of the multinational giant like McDonalds in the mid 90s into the Indian market, it opened a whole new doorway for the other international fast food chain outlets to open up its business houses in the country. As a result several other players like KFC, Dominos, Smokin Joes and Subway penetrated in the Indian food market and establish themselves. Coffee shops like Café Coffee day, Barista and Costa Coffee has too found a good foothold. And with the emergence of mall culture and food court, this sector just got jet-pack on its back to fly up. With this the food and beverage industry has benefited three fold times in the recent years. Alongside the multinational players, several domestic entrepreneurs have also started their own chain of fast food joints. Haldiram, Pot Pouri are some of the domestic chains that have come up in the recent times.

According to some reporting agents and research analyst this growth has not only helped in the expansion of the food industry but has given a great impetus to the agricultural sector as well. The demand for the raw materials in required for making the food has boosted the sales of the agricultural products therefore benefiting the farmers also in a huge way. It is estimated that the fast food industry can reach an amazing figure of 70 billion dollars in the span of next five years. As urbanization and infrastructural growth is creeping in the interior parts of the country as well, this segment is set to grow even more.