Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019


cosmetic2The cosmetics surgery and services industry worldwide is projected to be a business of more than $20 million. With technologies rising up in the medical field, lots of complicated surgery jobs which were termed to be life-endangering previously today are just matter of few minutes. Several countries around the global are working on developing the industry as demands are always seen as an upward curve.  The industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $27 billion by the end of 2019.

Product segregations:

The cosmetics surgery and service industry has come of ages with latest equipments and methodologies in order to bring perfection and make the jobs less time consuming. They are widely categorized into three segments, which are as follows:

  • Active Cosmetic Segment
  • Energy Based Devices
  • Injectable Products

Among these the Injectable product segment grabs a lion’s share in the industry as they are massively in use. Dermal fillers like Restylane and neurotoxins like the infamous brand Botox are examples from the segment.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Radio Frequency (RF) and other laser devices used are examples for energy based devices in the cosmetics surgery and service industry.

Most active region:

North America easily tops the charts for most business in the global cosmetics surgery division. It still accounts to 45% of the global business all by itself even though the main focus has shifted to Asian countries since last decade or so. Energy based devices are the most in demand service in the region. However, Asian countries have caught up with the competition quicker than the industry observers had expected. A notable share of the total turnover for the industry roots up from countries like China and India that are developing fast.

1 out every 5 women in Seoul has had a cosmetic surgery experience in her lifetime.


South Korea tops the chart for customer satisfaction as most of the technologies, methods and skilled professionals are based in there. It is the primary reason for Asia is able to snatch a profitable market from the developed regions of America and Europe. South Korea is known as the Asian capital for cosmetic surgeries and related services. According to a research find in the year 2009, it was discovered that 1 out every 5 women in Seoul has had a cosmetic surgery experience in her lifetime. Going by the ratio it was calculated that 20% of females in Seoul have gone through some kind of surgery process.

Countries like Taiwan, Brazil, USA and India along with China make the list of most developing countries for cosmetic surgery and service industry.