Global Mattress Industry to reap business of $24.65 bn by 2017


Bedding industry earns from your sleeping hours

Global-Mattress-IndustryAfter a hectic day at work all one yearns for is a fall on a comforting, good quality mattress. Good quality beds or as they are called worldwide as fall back mattresses is very essential as they recharge you for a repeat day of slogging the next day. Talking about the history of these mattresses, their evolution had taken place during the Neolithic period; the woolen and cotton stuffed beds came into existence way later in the 18th century. The present era of comfort is witnessing a number of mattresses, the latest being the “no-flip” type which has no padding at all converting it a straight platform with softest quality foam. This kind of mattress is in use on a worldwide range but it is largely used in the North American region.

The global mattress industry is predicted to operate a business worth $24.65 bn (billion) by the close of 2017.

Factors responsible for the growth:

Growing house-ownership, ever increasing demand for comfortable premium products and accumulation of disposable income around the globe are noted as main attributes for the developments in this niche. According to a market study, the world mattress industry in the last few years has converted from a dull/ slow growth rate industry into an aggressive, dynamic and innovative one. It has turned into a competitive segment of business as many brands working their way up to their business and partnerships that are forming in for the strengthening of the sector worldwide.

The industry witnessed a periodic slowdown during the years 2008-2009 due to the world economic regression that took place. However, the situation has improved now as the United States is estimated to be the largest regional market, whereas; the APAC countries are predicted to be great potential growths for the segment as there the construction especially the residence buildings are ought to go up.

Regions flourishing in the sector:

Asian countries like Indian and Chinese mattress industries are particularly watched as growing markets and are forecasted to acquire a notable share in the global revenues in some years from the present. Hiked spending capacity and the change in lifestyle patterns are the reasons essential that result in the industry growth in these regions. The industry’s front runners are targeting the rural regions of these nations as they consist of huge untapped markets. Kingsdown Inc, Relyon limited, Comfort Solutions, International Bedding, Spring Air International are some of the world renowned brands that are providing premium mattress solutions on a global scale.

Country wise-APAC countries, EMEA countries and USA mainly the Latin American nations are trending to be the probable markets for the global mattress industry.