Global Stationery Market to be Worth $ 155.4 BN by 2015


Global Stationery MarketIndian Stationery Sector is Estimated a Growth of 10-15% for the Next Annual

Worldwide stationery industry is an absolute heterogeneous business which includes the paper industry as its primary segment. This industry has demands in schools, colleges, offices and any business irrespective of their industry natures. Most of the people might term this as a small industry but it is no more a small size business when taken the global front. The demands for these products have grown by many times in the last few years and there are some specific factors which act as the driving forces for the enhancement of the sector.

Sources like schools, colleges, offices (mainly govt agencies) are prime client base for the industry. There are many sorts of stationery products; paper stationery products include notebooks, exercise books, flip over pads, subject textbooks and plastic cover books. Other paper products such as autograph books, greeting cards and party or special occasion invite cards play a vital part in further increasing the business of these paper stationery products.

Going by the market research, paper market is gaining huge demands in the recent years and the stationery products segment has primly been positively impacted globally due to the increase in numbers of educational institutions and offices. Commercial organizations are creeping up due to the business development that is happening throughout the world. The past few years have recorded immense growth in both export and import quantity for the products resulting in profitable trends of the sector.

The requirements for these stationery products especially the office stationery segment has risen due to the usage of computers. This has been a trend just opposite to the expectation that the introduction of computers and automation would destroy the paper work and thus the stationery industry. If experts from the circuit are to be believed; the industry is on road for further expansion with the utilization of computers in office as well as home environments.

The constant changing trends of the products and continuous innovative styles adapted by the manufacturers are keeping the industry highly competitive. North America and European countries represent the most market demand for the products. Besides these markets; the Asian Pacific markets indicate largest growth potentials and are projected to grow further by many bounds in the nearing future, this region includes a group of growing economies and thus the sector is estimated to rise by a good number. Experts predict a CAGR growth of about 3.4% by the end of 2015 which is noted to be a positive mark for the phases beyond.

The global stationery market is forecasted to be worth $155.4 billion by the end of 2015 and the emerging markets Asia and high demand regions in parts of America and Europe are projected to be the largest contributors. Countries like India and China are projected to have an industrial increase of double digits (an estimated 10 to 15%).

Products like notebooks and other school and college usable products are most sold in the educational category. There are some products which are widely used in the official background such as the noting pads, files and folders and printing sheets. Greeting cards is cited as the largest growing non-official segment as even during this e-communication period, people are more likely to practice giving greeting cards on occasions such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other special occasions.