Headphones-Musically Making Millions of Dollars in Electronic Segment


Headphones-MusicallyHeadphones…a world of my own!

Many a times you want to listen to your favourite song or tracks while you are moving or travelling somewhere but you are not able to. You want to play it in the house, but you might not be able to as it might disturb the others or just want to play for yourself without bringing it to anybody’s notice. You just want to play the music for yourself and wish you get cut off from the world for some time. This is where headphone plays its part. It personalizes and creates a world within the world around you. It gives a doorway to get lost inside the world of music without the interference of the outside world.

They have become an everyday electronic tool for all of us today. Whether in home, park, car, bus, train or any other place; you will always come across with people wearing them. They come in different shapes and sizes. From large earpieces which covers the entire ear and head to small earphones which is just plugged inside your ear hole. They can be attached with portable electronic gadgets like CD player, iPods, Mp3 players, radio or fixed items like a desktop PC, TV and DJ mixers. Mainly connected by a 2.5 to 3.5 mm jack the audio is transmitted to the mini speakers fitted inside those. Quality of sound is the most important part of these devices. They are mainly designed to keep the ambient noise totally out. They come with bass boosters, treble analyzer, acoustic noise reduction system and padded covering or buds for ears. They come with a cord or in cordless form too. Now a days, they are available with Bluetooth facility too. Headsets of mobile phones come with mic, so that cell phone users can listen to music and talk on the phone as well.

Electronic giants like JBL, Bose, Sennheiser, Panasonic and Sony are key players in this segment. Commercial earphones are also used in large numbers, but they are generally utilized in BPOs and call center sector. Companies are not only focusing on improving the sound quality of the ear-set, but also making it more attractive. Various designs and shapes are available in the market today. Though most of the electronic gadgets like mobiles and iPods provide a headphone along with it, the demand for a separate set still remains there.

With the growing number of smart phones, iPads, and music players in the market, the need of these gadgets along with it has also seen an adequate rise in sales. Companies are launching more and more sophisticated headsets in the market to satisfy the needs and demands of the customers. According to a survey, the headphone sales crossed a magnificent number of 110 million dollars in the last financial year and set to grow more in the coming time. Headphone industry analysts report that the growth in this sector can be much more than anticipated as the technological advancement can give a further rise in the demand of this electronic equipment. Hence it is not only the music that is playing in the people’s ears because of the headphones; but the industry is also dancing in joy because of the musical sales figures.