Hotel Industry in Dubai to add 27,000 rooms in next 3 years


Hotel Industry in DubaiPlanning to visit the desert land any soon??? Well, it’s a good decision as you are ought to receive one of the best services available around the world. Hotels in Dubai and around are rated to be among the top-class service providers. They have been recently rated as the globe’s 4th costliest hotel industry, now that an indication enough!!!

Speaking of the hotel industry in UAE, market research firms are estimating an addition of 27,000 rooms in between 2015-18; this is obviously noted to be the biggest addition within the short time period. Emirates hospitality sector giants are striving hard to add up 4,700 rooms to the already present count of 64,200 rooms. Moreover, this addition is planned within the end of this year which is the highlight.

Sources also put that there will be further additions in the years 2016, 2017 and all through 2019. This expansion spree will take the rooms count to more than 91,000 by the finish of 2019.

Real estate speculators have provided that work on expansion has already taken off as around 30 properties are undergoing developments. Some of these are jobs of expanding the ongoing hotels; few of which are premium brands in Gulf.

Data captured by market researchers show that nearly 11,000 rooms are under construction alone in Dubai, this region represents largest development. It is followed Abu Dhabi, in Doha there are 6,576 rooms which are being built. Similarly, new rooms constructed in Makkah, Riyadh and Jeddah sum up to around 12,000.

Luxury rooms business nearing saturation, hotels are leaning to 4 star and 3 star rooms referred as budget rooms


The expansion is cited to be a feature supporting the shift from luxury to mid-range hotel rooms. Business trends have pointed the mid-range hotel rooms to be high on profits in comparison with the luxury rooms. Moreover, these mid-range rooms generally tagged as 3 and 4 star levels are much preferred by clients and have proved to be the most demanded accommodation option in the recent few years.