How are films contributing towards the tourism sector?


tourismIn today’s modern era of cinema, the locations where the films are being shot have become an integral part of the film industry and are contributing immensely to the tourism sector of that particular country. When a film is appreciated by the audience, then the locations presented in it are spoken about both by audience and producers. Hence, a film increases tourism from the audience and producers.

Globally, there are many countries offering incentives of various types like Cash rebates, Tax credits, Exemption from VAT and Customs duty, soft funding and a few others to encourage the film producers to use their locations as a part of their film shootings. The major films are being made by the Indian Film Industry and the Film Industry of the U.S. and U.K.

A few countries like Singapore, Switzerland, the U.S., France and few others adopted various methods to encourage the Indian Film Industry to use their locations for film shoots. In 2006, Singapore Tourism Board allocated US$10 million to the Indian Film Industry for 3 years under its “Filming in Singapore” scheme, under which any film made in would cost them 50% of the actual cost for using location. The Australian tourism was boosted after the success of “Salaam Namaste” in 2005  . New South Wales was visited by approx. 45,800 Indians in 2006, amounting to USD 115 million. Switzerland’s economy was boosted by films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham. Also, the U.S. tourism got a helping hand with movies like My Name is Khan, Kal Ho Na Ho and a few others.

Even the U.K. Film Industry has impacted the world economy and tourism to a great extent. You can have a look at the map presented in this article.

Also, the U.S. film industry or Hollywood encourages tourism in a broad way. Braveheart gave over a 300% increase in the visitor number in Scotland; Movies like Notting Hill, Pride and Prejudice, Four Weddings and a Funeral and few others increased the visitors for England by around 30% to 150%. Also movies like Hangover, Troy, and Mission Impossible2 boosted the tourism for Thailand, Turkey and Australia in a great way. There are also certain pacts signed between the countries and the production houses to boost tourism. The Australian Tourism Commission (ATC) worked in partnership with Disney on ‘Finding Nemo’, being the first organization who promotes a destination through an animated film.

The tourism number is increasing at a good rate with the help of films and there are lot many film industries coming up like the film industries from China, Thailand, Nigeria and many more.