HP entering the 3D printing in full force, plans to turn printing faster…much faster


3D-printingIt was early last year that Meg Whiteman the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) disclosed to shareholders that the company is eyeing to enter the 3 dimension (3D) printing segment. Following the declaration, there were speculations about the timing and the newness that the tech company is trying to introduce. The 3D printing for the understanding of the masses is an additive process of making three dimensional solid objects using a digital file. This methodology of printing involves putting down of several thin layers of the desired material. The process today extensively involves plastic as the base material. Hence, the 3D printing industry has become a disruptive force for a number of manufacturing industries; it reduces the operation and maintenance expenditures to a notable amount thus pushing up the profits.

Why is HP making the move now?

With already more than 40% share in the 2D printing industry the company feels that this is the right time to get into the 3D printing slot which it believes is a natural progression. The maker is planning to capture a sizable market in the 3D segment as well as host of core patents have either expired or will be over by the next year. So, it doesn’t have to spend too much in finding new processes or technologies for discovering the 3D printing operational model. It can study the same and try to redesigning a few systems through which it can refresh the entire work process of the industry.

The recent research about the company has indicated that it is working to offer mass 3D printing solutions which is ought pull down the production costs and help establish a stronger distribution system

Latest from HP, an attempt to revolutionize:

New HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3636 All-in-one printer launched at around 3,800 INR


At the HP Innovation Day organized earlier this week at Singapore, sources pointed out that the company is all set to revolutionize the 3D printing stage with its soon to be launched high end device. Strong sources from the company indicated that they are working on something huge and foresee 3D printing beyond plastic based materials. The company is looking to introduce 3D printing process on metals and other materials soon.

The company is keen on not only reducing the costs and providing the process to maximum market but it is also working to make the process faster…way faster than what it is actually now. Experts believe that HP will be a big changeover in the 3D printing work styles as the printing jobs are estimated to be done as a 10 times faster rate.