India en route to be the first country to have e-commerce drone deliveries


indian-Ecommerce drone deliveriesIt was the May of 2014 when a renowned pizza brand in Mumbai testing drone delivery. This made headlines throughout the media as it was the first time something like this happened. The drone delivered the order weighing 500 grams in 10 minutes to a spot at 1.5 kms. It is worth noting that generally (even today) pizza vendors in India take a time frame of 30 minutes to deliver the order with a delivery boy. However, it is stupid to expect the delivery within 30 minutes during the peak traffic hours as it is highly risky for the delivery guy. Therefore, the use of drones for delivery purpose is seen as a boon as it massively cuts off the duration and involves less of human labor which will bring down the expense too.

Big solution for E-commerce companies

Drone deliveries might prove to be a big solution for e-commerce firms as most of them have been successful in gripping their shares. Brands like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have proved their mettle within the product and super discount availability. Yet, all of them face the logistic issues when it comes to a hassle-free delivery of the order. Moreover, the companies would be making notable savings in their logistics department as the expense will fall.

Civil Use of Drones not allowed

Talking of the usage, it is important to note that civil use of drones is presently restricted in India. This is understandably due to security measures and due to lack of a systematic safety protocol. E-commerce giants on the other hand are gearing up to go for the drone delivery pattern once the regulations are set and the permission is given.

The prohibition on drone usage in India was officially issued in 2014 by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). However, it is allowed in the process of film shooting with prior permissions. There are movies shot where aerial scenes are captured from a height of 200-400 feet. Although the DGCA has not allowed the usage; it is in process of putting together the guidelines following which the drones would be used in the future. These particulars are said to be finalized in the next few months, hence India is en route to become the first country to witness an extensive utilization of drones even before the USA.

$98 bn global expense expected on aerial drones in next 10 yr, at least 12% of it is likely into commercial purpose


How are the West doing it?

Drone deliveries have quite been in news in other technically rich countries. In China, the practice of drone delivery was taken up by the nation’s biggest e-commerce brand Alibaba. The company began the trials in the month of February in regions like Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. Currently, there are regular deliveries of light packets (around 340 grams) done by Taobao which is a consumer-to-consumer online portal owned by Alibaba.

Meanwhile, in the US; displayed the technology of drone delivery back in last 2013 which had a massive following and fanfare on the social media platforms. However, this was just a trial run by the e-commerce brand and the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) yet to provide the license for a full-fledged usage.

Therefore, the drone story in India is likely to be the most successful of the lot. We should be ready to receive our online orders delivered by aerial carriers also interesting also known as PARCELCOPTER.