India Paint Industry, The Colourful and Booming Sector 

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Paint is defined as a paints material in liquid or solid, which when spread on a surface adheres and hardens forms a film that protect, decorated or add a specific feature to the surface on which it is deposited. When it comes to renovating a home, there are many details that one needs to focus on. Besides the essential equipment and decorative aspects required to enhance the interiors and exteriors of the house, the one product that plays the most important role in bringing out the beauty and charm of the home is colour. The right colour not only represents our taste, but also gives a meaning to the other objects of the house.

Choosing the correct shade, texture and paint type are some of the many things involved in the painting and colouring of a home. To start with there are large varieties of shades and intense colours available for home painting purpose, apart from the type of paints available in the market such as plastic paint, emulsion, distemper, oil paint, latex paint, and acrylic paints. Furthermore, the rise in disposable income of the average middle class in India, combined with increased investment in education, urbanisation, rural market development and various launches of many innovative products, such as friendly, odour free, and dust & water-resistant paints, the customers today have become very choosy and conscious relating to the decoration and colouring of their homes.

While providing different sorts of patterns like metal finish, wooden finish, texture coating, kids model is just some of the examples the paint and colour manufacturing companies are offering today. With the growth in the real estate and construction industry, the demand for home paints has grown significantly. Considered as an important factor in the interior and exterior decoration of any dwelling, the manufactures are also launching new varieties of products that are low maintenance, are easy to clean, leakage proof, weather-proof coating and anti-fungal treatment to keep our homes clean and bright throughout all seasons.

The Indian paint industry has seen a gradual shift in people's preferences from traditional whitewash to high quality paints like emulsions and enamel paints, which is providing the basic stability for the industry's growth. Furthermore, it is creating a highly competitive market in which players are employing various strategies to capitalise on the growing market demand for a larger share.

The Indian paints industry by value and volume is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10% from 2021-22 to 2024-25. The reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the Indian decorative and industrial paint market. Our research is the result of extensive primary and secondary research into industry trends. For the study, we have analysed industry expert insights from paint manufacturers, regional dealers and raw material suppliers, in order to build our macro and micro level understanding of the overall market and to explore opportunity in the prevailing market.

According to the report findings, decorative paints have the highest demand. Thus, a thorough study of this segment has been conducted in the report, which has been segmented by application, product class, technology, demand, composition, region, and tier cities. The report also goes into detail about the decorative paint markets for emulsion, enamel, and distemper in terms of value, volume, types, tier cities, and so on; as well as an analysis of raw materials and industry roadblocks.

Our research also depicts the industry's key trends and drivers. Furthermore, the report includes a business overview of key industry players like Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Berger Paints, Akzo Nobel, and Shalimar, as well as a comprehensive outlook of the sector's current and future scenario. Overall, the report is the result of extensive research and careful analysis, and it will provide a useful knowledge base to those interested in this industry.

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