Indian Kids Wear Market to Playfully Touch 58K cr by 2014 end


Kids clothing is no child’s play

Kids WearClothing among kids unlike in the past has enchased in their options. Kids in the age bracket on 3 to 13 years are major targets of the kids wear industry and no wonder they consume such lengthy durations to decide on an attire while purchase. Now, the kids clothing segment is one of the hottest garment industry where the demand is constant. Previously, kids didn’t have much to choose from apart from the causal shirts and shorts or full size pants and pretty frocks for girls. However, the scenes have altered today; kids from the current generation are way ahead in selecting their costumes. They have a proper understanding about the sort of dress that suits the kind of events they attend after all; they are the busiest people on earth you see.

The Indian kids wear industry has been through a spin of changes from the last century where it hardly had a foothold. According to the experts in the garment industry, the kids clothing segment is the most expensive and also the most profitable, this is one reason for the heavy competition in the sector. The kids wear industry was valued at 38k cr in the year 2010; rightly many predicted a good potential period ahead for the business. The kids wear segment amounted to a healthy 25% of the total Indian apparel industry and is expected to grow ahead inviting other companies who might be interested in making some gains.

Moreover, the kids section is flooded with a number of brands which are both dedicated to kids as well as catering to the adult section. Many brands providing attires for adults are now venturing into the kids wear industry sighting the likely growth. There are various products like clothes, accessories and their types which make up for the massive sales chat under the section.

A number of famous brands are entering into the industry for instance, the Mahindra Group came up with a devoted brand known as MOM&ME which spread its stores to target and enhance the segment. Other exclusive brands like LILLIPUT, GINI and JONHY have also performed well in expanding their markets, thus opening a newer segment in the Indian garment industry.

The kids wear section might seem limited but that’s not the case in realism, it consist of a range of types of costumes like the casual wear, party wear, swim wear, school appeals, sports attires and many more which are just produced for kids.

Apart from these, there are the sports equipments, foot wears, watches and other accessories which help in boosting up the market and getting it the numbers what it has today. Exclusive marketing techniques carried on by the famous brands have upgraded the competition to a new height. Roping in popular kids celebs for the launch activity and organizing elite fashion shows just for the age group have been some of the successful moves that have harvested colossal returns to the industry.

Renowned brands’ pumping in huge investments is no surprise as the industry is growing at a brisk rate of 17% per annum. This is sure to make the section even more special for the special ones.