India’s Target: 100 Smart Cities in coming 2 decades


Smart Cities to be a place with 24/7 utilities services

Smart Cities in India India is undergoing many changes in its economic and other policies since the power switch that happened around 10 months ago. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is ambitious with several projects that need a kick start with the assistance of investors; his is flying to different routes around the globe in order to acquire partnerships for the same. After the government formation the urban development department in India has received a sound indication about the change which is about to be bought on the ways things are managed. It has indicated on reliable and adequate utility services in order to turn the “Smart cities” dream into realism.

“100 Smart Cities” is the target:

Among all the developments projects, the Smart Cities project is the most ambitious planning and the governing body is thriving hard in order to bring up 100 Smart Cities all over the country. This project of establishing 100 smart cities in India is talked about around the world and is sighted as a game changer for the nation as the pace of developments will brisk up to a new untouched level.

Hurdles to be crossed:

Although the project sounds excellently swanky, there are innumerable hurdles that the government along with its investors needs to cross in order to give life to the smart lifestyle. According to the associations working on the project money is a second row problem as there are many issues already which are pulling the dream down. Unavailability of basic amenities in the first grade cities like Delhi and Mumbai are still a problem before the smart cities projects even kick starts. There are projects planned at Varanasi and Ahmadabad for the first phase which have begun and are expected to be ready soon.


Expenditure of 7 lakh crores INR in next 20 years planned with an average of 1 million people per Smart City


Investment In-flow for the project:

The high power expert committee on urban infrastructure development estimates a total of cost 7 lakh crores INR over a span of next 20 years. The annual expenditure of the project of 100 smart cities according to the committee piles up to 35, 000 crores INR, and a vast part of this costing has to come from the private sources. The government thus is looking for international assistance in the form of investments from the countries which are already managing such cities.

Smart cities will provide all the possible information about the resources and the facilities utilized by its residents. It will have access to massive citizen information, a roundabout data covering details right from the local governing bodies of the location upto the municipality of the region.

The present government has recently allotted 7,060 crores INR in order to begin the initial developments of the smart city project.