Insomnia to Sleep Apnea - Analysing the Global Sleep Disorders Treatment Market

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Sleep disorder is also known as somnipathy. It is a medical condition where a disorder is generated in the sleep pattern or we can say that it is a group of disorders that impact the sleep pattern on a regular basis. The presence of sleep disorders can be ascribed to different factors including health issues, hectic schedules, and high stress. Lack of quality sleep has a negative impact on the overall health and level of concentration of a person. It leads to tiredness during the day.

Mental stress is increasing due to hectic life & unhealthy habits are anticipated to propel the growth of the sleep disorder market. Furthermore, the growing usage of social media and increasing addiction to gadgets such as smartphones and laptops augment the market. In addition, the rise in public and private health coverage, covering sleep clinics is boosting the market.

Based on disorder, the market is fragmented into Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Breathing Disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Parasomnia, Sleep Movement Disorders. Insomnia is expected to dominate the global sleep disorders market through the forecast period. This can be attributed to the increasing frequency of insomnia, which causes an irresistible sudden loss of muscle tone and daytime sleepiness. The prevalence of sleep disorders has been expressively increasing over the years, which is expected to generate lucrative market growth opportunities.

Awareness and Treatment -
There are various devices available such as sleep apnea devices, sleep laboratories, and mattresses & pillows. Growing demand for early treatment and increasing patient awareness are the major factors estimated to boost the demand for such devices. Furthermore, large number of patient pool seeking for effective diagnosis and treatments are expected to create opportunities for profitable market growth.

There are different types of drugs that are used to treat insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorder problems. Medications generally help induce sleep by inhibiting central nervous system activity. Sleeping tablets are routinely used to treat insomnia. The impact of sleep drugs depends on their chemical composition.

Increasing awareness about sleep disease among the people and governments of different nations is expected to propel the sleep disorders treatment market. The increasing number of people suffering from various sleep disorders, including hallucinations, sleep paralysis, disrupted nocturnal sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and circadian disorders, caught the attention of governments globally, pushing them to take necessary steps to address this condition.

The increasing number of research studies and growing funding on awareness programs about sleep disorders. Moreover, increasing expenditure on healthcare as well as presence of well-established healthcare sector will augment the industry development.

The market has been segmented based on product type, medication type, and geography. The report provides an overview of the global sleep disorders treatment market and analyses market trends. Using 2021 as the base year, the study provides estimated market data for the forecast period, 2022-2027. It also includes pharmaceutical sales and anxiolytic consumption, as well as hypnotics and sedative consumption, non-mental health related disorders, and all other types of medications that aid in improving sleep quality.

Additionally, the study covers the market for sleep disorders treatment across different regions. It also highlights major trends and challenges that affect the market and the vendor landscape. The report estimates the global market for Sleep Disorder Treatments in 2021 and provides projections for the expected market size through 2027, a comparative study and Porter’s Five Forces analysis considering both the micro and macro environmental factors prevailing in the market, identification of the major stakeholders and analysis of the company competitive landscape based on their recent developments, financial performance, and segmental revenues.

Major players within the industry include Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc, Pfizer Inc., Sanofi S.A., and Zydus Cadila Group.

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