Inverters- illuminating the Market Growth


InvertersI got the power!!

You are watching your favorite programme on TV and suddenly the electricity goes off. You are celebrating your birthday party and abruptly the power goes off. Your examination is going on and you are preparing for your most difficult subject and unexpectedly, a blackout. This really sends your temper on a high and a sheer displeasure sets in. It makes us so furious that we bite our teeth in and start cursing the power company.  But at the end we are left with nothing but a dark, gloomy house. Power cuts can become a real nightmare. Especially during summertime and exam times, power outage can be really frustrating. For shorter or longer duration, when the current snaps, the irritation is all time high. At such time, Inverter is the thing that rescues you from the darkness and brings light back to your home. It is an electronic device which provides electrical back-up to your house when the time of power failure.

An inverter is an electronic appliance or a circuitry that coverts direct current (DC power) to alternate current (AC power). It is a portable device that is connected to a battery or a group of batteries to generate AC power to run various electrical devices like lights, television, fan, kitchen appliances etc. Inverters are available with different power output and in different categories. From small size computer UPS’s to household inverter and heavy duty commercial inverter. Its capacity ranges from 150 VA to 3.5 KVA. In India, power problem still remains a major predicament. The infrastructure related to it still not suffice to meet the total power demand  and many areas including both urban and rural face long hours of load shedding. Under such circumstances this gadget comes very handy. Due to this, the inverter market has boomed like anything. They are sold in every town, city and village in large numbers. Companies are gaining maximum profit due to the tremendous demand of these appliances. There are several players in the inverter market like APC, Microtek, Luminous, Hyundai and Su-Kam. Apart from home, there is huge rise in demand for the commercial purpose also. Though the diesel generators are available in the market, the frequent need of refueling, pollution of noise and air caused by these machines along with the heavy pricing gives the digi-inverters an advantage over them. As they are eco-friendly, comes at a low price and their batteries can be charged when power is restored. As the power crisis still looms in many parts of the country the need for the inverters is on a continuous rise. The inverter battery industry is also earning good amount of revenue due to increased sales of digital inverters.

With the present power scenario, the inverter industry is set to grow even more. According to industry analysis, this segment is expected to grow at the rate of 15-20 % on an annual basis. As the supply and gap of power still remains its upward climb shall continue to grow. An inverter market report also reveals that the growth can shoot up by 20-25% in the summer times. Hence, it may be a dark picture for the power sector in India but the inverter sector is shining bright because of it.