It’s time for XX chromosomes in the Manufacturing field


Womens-in-Manufacturing-fieldThe global manufacturing sector across several industries has seen a changeover in its first quarter, that is; the rise in number of women working. In fact, if researchers are to be believed, the starting 3 months span of 2015 was the most news about the involvement of women in the manufacturing arena than ever in the last 20+ years.

The trend WIM kick starts a beginning:

WIM (Women in Manufacturing) is the newest trend which has begun and is sorted to be the most positive one among the manufacturing companies. In the recent survey report released regarding the topic, around 870 women working in the manufacturing lane for various products were reviewed about their work processes and their experiences; most of these women are in their initial stages as they are training for new job challenges. According to the research output, both the women and the work establishments employing them see a requirement for change which has finally started to happen.

Factors that attract them:

The research has pointed out certain important aspects that the manufacturing profession specializes in; these are compensation and the work nature suitability. Most importantly, 80% of the women asked for said that they liked the interesting and challenging nature of their job followed by the high-level compensation which is surely a factor worth mentioning.

Half the women employees indulged into manufacturing industry feel that the sector is the leading in order to providing employment to the fairer sex. 74% of them accept that the manufacturing industry is a perfect job option for women as it provides multiple developing paths addressed mainly to their interests.

Women in Manufacturing can be a great way to fill in the vacant positions due to unavailability of skilled workers


For encouragingly; 64% of the women employees are ready to recommend the industry to the younger generation women career seekers.

Hence, the healthy survey results should be considered as a call-to-action for the women all around the globe and promote more women employment under the manufacturing category.