Life support systems- Saving your loved ones


LifesupportsystemsHolding the lifeline

A visit to the hospital is always scary. But when the things hang between life and death the situation becomes even more frightening especially when it is related to someone you love and care about. Each moment, each second passes like an era. You hold on to your breath praying and wishing for the wellbeing of your loved one. Worries and tension escalates as the patient battles for his or her life in a critical state. The string of life sticks on a very fragile note. These conditions emerge when someone meets with an accident, suffer from a heart attack or contract some kind life threatening disease. At times, in such position, the internal body organs sometimes stop functioning properly and need an external support to work correctly. This is where life support machineries come to the aid of saving the human life.

Life support systems are the machines which are utilized in case of extreme emergency when no other way is helpful in saving the patient’s life, its vital organs does not respond in a proper manner and without external support there is chance of patient’s death or going into coma. They are mainly used in operation theaters and Intensive Care Unit of the hospitals. It plays a crucial role in saving the life of an individual. Kidney dialysis equipment, Apnea monitor for infants, Oxygen concentrator, Respirator, Ventilator, Pressure breathing therapy, Infusion feeding pump, Peritoneal dialysis machine are some of the life saving systems that are used in medical facilities for life saving purpose. As ailments and accidents always come unwarned, these machines are very important in the medical devices sector. Modern lives saving equipments are becoming more and more technologically advanced as the complexity of the illnesses is becoming grave too. These equipments not only help in saving the person’s life but also detecting internal changes happening to the patient and his or her response to the treatment they are receiving. This accounts the blood saturation, oxygen level and supply, injecting medications directly through central line system and several other things. With development in medical science and the growing number of hospitals all around the world, the demand for these equipments have seen a significant rise.

Several companies are there today manufacturing and selling these life saving systems. Now even similar feature mobile equipments are also available which can be placed in homes and in ambulances as well. The medical equipment industry has registered a good amount of growth in past few years. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that these machines are not only saving human lives but also giving a boost to the medical equipment manufacturing sector.