Luxury Bus Service - A Zooming Sector

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Luxury Buses - Travel in style

Some years back travelling by bus was quite a turn off for the travelers as journey by bus was very tiring and somewhat painful due to bad roads, uncomfortable seats, appalling condition of the buses and all the heat and dust coming from outside. Bus journey was often done by the commuters as a last resort when no other option of commuting was left. But in the recent span of years a whole new revolutionized fleet of luxury bus liner has driven itself into the Indian market changing the face of road transportation.


A new breed of swanky air-conditioned luxury buses has emerged in the Indian tours and travel industry giving it a total 360 degree turnaround. Zipping away on the roads at a speed of 100 to 120 km/hr, Plush pull back seats, State of the art engines and design, in-coach entertainment playing the latest movie flicks, and having a comfortable ride on air suspension with technically no noise coming from outside. These luxury liners have changed the face of bus journey completely. Companies like Volvo and Mercedes are flooding the market with their range of buses. Also as the demand of the consumers is soaring continuously in this sector, the bus operating establishments are investing in a huge amount in these luxury liners. Also with the introduction of the sleeper coaches on various long distance routes has provided an additional boost to this sector.

As the road development is also growing tremendously in India with the construction of six and eight lane express highways and freeways, plus with a golden quadrilateral project which links the four metros Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai, this industry has seen a magnificent growth.

As the consumers today are ready to shell out more money in terms of comfort and services, these buses satisfy those needs of the costumers. As these classy machines come with modern specifications like power steering, electronic controls, turbo charged rear engine, hydraulic retarder, powerful disc brakes, international safety features and aircraft like interiors, the bar is set too high for competition in this sector. With the arrival of the new luxurious fleet the tourism industry has also got a boost as people now prefer to travel short as well as long distance journeys by bus.

Hence it won’t be wrong to say that the introduction of the latest luxury liners has transformed the scenario of the domestic travel and tourism industry. According to a market study, luxury bus sales during April 2012 to February 2013 totaled 74,728 units, and anticipated the year end volumes to touch around 82,716 units. It also estimates the total bus market to grow at a CAGR of 9% during 2012-2018. With improved services and advanced set of wheels the bus service industry is witnessing a threefold growth. Although it’s confronting few bumps of rising fuel prices, it is able maintain its speed and expected to grow at an upward scale.

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