Men’s Clothing- A Fashionable Growth of Market


Men's ClothingStand out of the Crowd

The desire to look good always lives in us. To look stylish, different from the others, to be attractive, stand out of the crowd and always be the centre of attraction. Proper attire is just the thing you need to cover all objectives above. The right kind of outfit can change your personality as a whole and give you that classy look that you always want. Be it in the history or the present day, men have always been concerned about the way they look and kind of personality they carry. Men’s fashion has an important place in shaping up your style but also to some extent your characteristic. Good clothing not only makes a style statement; but also completes you in many senses.

Men’s fashion industry has emerged in the Indian market vastly. With an open door policy and globalization, this sector has seen a radical turnaround. This market witnessed a sudden flood of international clothing brands and apparels in the men’s section. The men’s wear comprises of various sections like formal wear, casual wear, active wear and denim wear. Men’s clothing goes through a constant change. These changes come in the form of color, patterns, designs and kind of fabric that is currently in fashion or is an upcoming trend. The clothing style of a man is also associated with the kind of social status he has or the society he represents. This may also vary if an individual is evolving and his status too is changing with the passage of time.

Companies too are trying to keep up with ever changing trends. Major companies like Hugo boss, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger and Arrow has found a substantial market in the Indian garment market. As they are setting up their facilities in the country itself, the Indian textile industry is also acquiring a large amount of benefit from it. On the domestic ground, companies like Raymond, Zodiac and Arvind have formed their base in the men’s wear section.

The companies are continuously exerting on maintaining a PR and creating a brand value among the customers so that they remain loyal to them. They also have to constantly monitor the market trend so that they don’t fall out in the competition and they lose out on the customers. As competition is very tight in this segment there is no space to breathe easy for the company’s manufacturing or marketing men’s outfit. A market research analysis revealed that the revenue generated from the menswear segment itself touched a marvelous number of 11.8 billion dollars and it can continue to grow at CAGR of 9% per annum. Alongside the men’s accessories and apparels are also catching up which is required to complete the total clothing line of the men. Hence it won’t be inappropriate to say that men’s garment section is not only growing in exploding manner, it is doing it in style as well.