Military Fighter Aircrafts – A Zillion Dollars Global Business


Military Fighter AircraftsThe Ultimate War Machines
Since the dawn of civilization man had always craved to fly in the air like the birds in the sky. His desire to touch the sky and feel the atmosphere above pushed him to find out a number of ways to take off in the air. His curiosity and his desire to know the world above kept him in attempting several ways to reach for the sky until the Wright Brothers got a major breakthrough with the launch of their first plane in 1903 kicking off the aviation sector. As the avionic technology successfully progressed, it also opened another gateway of defense mechanism, namely Air Defense. A whole new line of military defense unit called the Air Force came into order with the induction of aircrafts into the security system of the country. Now not only has it became possible to watch and protect the aerospace of a country but also became possible to invade an enemy nation by aerial attacks on enemy targets, bombing and destroying their facilities and military installation and helping the troops down below of the Army and the Navy, and transporting of the brigades and supplies directly into the war zone by using aerial route .

With the turn of the century and two world wars, military aircraft has gone through a drastic evolution. From propeller piston engines to supersonic jet engines, fighter aircrafts shapes and technology have undergone radical changes. In an estimated figure the fighter aircraft business is zooming sky high of numbers more than 500 million dollars. Major giants in the aviation sector like Boeing, Airbus and Lock heed martin are the biggest player in military aviation. These companies also hold a valuable asset in the stock markets of NYSE, Nasdaq and other stock exchanges across the globe. Countries like America, China, India, England, Russia, Israel and North Korea are pumping in a huge amount of investment in the Military air defense market. Along with the new sophisticated fighter jets like the F – 22 and F – 35, following the league of 1st generation stealth aircraft F 1-17 the stakes have become much higher in the air defense installation.

Along with the conventional fighter aircrafts, the demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are also on the rise which are responsible for targeting several enemy sites in the recent times and are also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Therefore it is needless to say that the military aircraft industry is set to grow more in the future as the developed nation are strengthening its military power and the developing nation upgrading its air superiority, the military aviation industry will also go in supersonic boom like its aircrafts.