Myth Busting - Weight-Loss Pills

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Weight loss can be easily classified as one of the most prominent topics in today’s era. Rightly so with most of the population falling either in the overweight or obese category. Naturally, this has resulted in the rise of the Weight-Loss Market, offering a vast array of solutions, from pills to different diet and exercise routines etc. Most of them work.

But there is a problem in all of this, the problem of preying on people’s hopes and fears and misleading them through false advertising into buying things not ideal for them. Often many of these “weight-loss” solutions are ineffective, but they aren’t exactly harmful either. Same cannot be said in terms of the pills that are available for weight loss. Most of them are outright ineffective, but some can cause serious health issues down the line.

To save you the trouble and help you before you fall into the magic pill trap, here are some myths busted regarding these supplements that claim to help you in weight loss:

No Dieting Required:

While it may seem like a win-win to many who love food, the reality isn’t so. Sure the companies would like you to believe that a simple pill, lotion or potion would magically melt your weight away, we all know better. For permanent results, efforts are required. As the saying goes - No pain, no gain, you have to watch and keep a tab on what you eat and at the same time regulate it in order to lose the amount of weight you’d like to.

No Exercise :

The very basic principle in life to achieve your goal is that you have to make an effort towards the same. Same applies to the correlation between exercise and weight loss. How are you going to lose the calories if you don’t exert them in the first place? Hoping to lose weight without exercising is equivalent to hoping to drive without turning on the engine - It just doesn’t work.

Accelerating Metabolism :

This became a very regular claim by the pill manufacturers when they started adding ephedra to various weight-loss products. The FDA in 2004, banned ephedra citing safety concerns. Since then the manufacturers have tried every thing from green tea to caffeine to synephrine, none provide any long term solutions.

Feeling Fuller :

Protein, fiber and fats are essential in order to really fill you up. No matter what the supplements say, they can’t do it. Key to gaining all these essentials in your body is by the way of food. Eggs are a well known reserve of protein and fats, fruits for fiber and nuts for protein, fiber, and fat. The natural foods will leave you feeling more sufficient that any supplement ever could.

Blocking Carbs :

Targeting carbohydrate intake is a good plan of action towards losing weight.While some supplements claim to entirely block carb absorption, its false. Simply because of the fact that they can’t. No scientific research on the same suggests otherwise either. Its just another misleading ad by the manufacturer to lure consumers trying to lose weight.

The above myth busters should clear you on the sham that most pills are and their ineffectiveness. If you really want to lose weight, you have to work towards it. Effort to control what you eat, regular exercises and a good routine etc. Clean eating and smart training will help you achieve long lasting results and will leave you in the condition you desire.

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