This infographic indicates the importance of commercialization of Induced Pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The graph below illustrates the 26 iPSCs research studies that are going on, it is indicated with regards to the continents in which they are carried out.

26 iPSCs Clinical Studies globally for the creation and evaluation of iPSCs Lines

Major Advances in Commercialization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) - BioInformant

Swiftly Changing Landscape

Clinical Researches on iPSCs-

There are a total of 26 iPSCs researches carried in different parts of the globe. These studies are essential for the creation and evaluation of iPSCs in order for them to be a solution for multiple disorders which is taking its toll on world patient population.

The 1st Clinical Study-

The 1st clinical study was started in August, 2013 involving a transplant of iPSCs into humans. This study is still underway in Japan done at the Riken Center and the research team is led by Masaya Takahashi.

The Research Dispute-

The popular ‘Yamanaka Patent’ (US PATENT NO-8,058,065) for cellular reprogramming is now confronted by a counter group known as ‘BioGaterkeeper’. Massive newer innovations are expected in the stem/cell generation and other regenerations in the medical sector.