Now pick your online order at Flipkart Offline Experience Zones (at your convenience)


online order at Flipkart OfflineNow that the online shopping experience has become a routine lifestyle there are newer problems mushrooming. Receiving your orders at the right time with full convenience is turning out to be a massive task. There are examples in which people are planning their day-scheduler (even for a week) in order to adjust the delivery timings of the online shopped items. There are further mishandlings where the delivery person takes back the product or hands it over to a wrong source. Such experiences are pushing buyers towards extreme frustrations. These things can affect the business though. In an effort to eliminate such maltreatments to the customers India’s biggest e-retailer “Flipkart” has come out with an exceptionally brilliant idea of ‘Offline Experience Zones’.

What are Offline Experience Zones?

Flipkart has rolled out this super strategy of starting 20 offline stores across 10 cities around the country which will enable the customers to go to their nearest store (experience zone) and pick their order at their preferred time. This is expected to not only solve the delivery timing issues but also allow customers to experience their purchase in case of consumer electronics like television, audio systems or even accessories like jewelries.

These experience zones from Flipkart also can play a vital role for the sellers in providing first grade service to their buyers. It is also advantageous to foreign sellers whom the Indian government has banned from selling their products in India due to their significant overseas ownership.

Flipkart is India’s leading online marketplace with more than 30 million products covering 70+ categories


With coordination with Ekart:

Ekart being the dedicated logistics partner for the e-commerce company is aiming at achieving the competitive edge over contenders in the Indian e-retailing industry. During the pilot test of this offline selling zone it was found that more than 80% of the orders were picked up by the customers from these stores, the test was carried over a span of 6 months.

Locations for the stores…for now:

To start with, Flipkart has opened these zones at Surat, Vadodora, Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Vellore, Bangalore, Mysore and Ahmadabad. Alike all business moves from the e-commerce company these offline zones also will see expansion as it plans to cover Tier-4 towns and rural regions. There are plans to have at least a 100 offline experience zones by the mid of 2016.

The ultimate aim is to set up a reliable pick-up center which will be a strong substitute for the door-delivery practice.