Office Supplies Industry to Grow At A CAGR Of 3.63% By 2016


workstationThis is the age of substitution, pens are substituted by keyboards, notepads by Microsoft word, and files by the folders in your desktop. So does that mean the good old office supplies are soon going to be extinct? The answer is NO. Office supplies market is still in demand as they were a decade back. Technology has substituted but still the supplies market has maintained a firm ground. Some supplies like staplers, pen stands, paper clips etc are dwindling but high cost supplies like fax machines, photocopiers, office furniture are evergreen supplies that will never go out of demand.

Office supplies are regularly used essentials in offices or business organizations. It not only consists of small daily use items like post it notes, files, page punchers, paper but also includes heavy and costly items like computers, office furniture, and cash registers. These supplies are used for day- to -day functioning of the office.

A market research report states that Global Office Stationery, Supplies, and Services market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.63% by the year 2016. The report also states that the some of the key dominators of the industry are OfficeMax Inc., Office Depot Inc., 3M Co., and Staples Inc. These top brands have maintained their hold in the market.

Office supplies market will always be in demand. Each and every year the working population is increasing. New business organizations and corporations are launched worldwide. The availability of these supplies online has further boosted the market. The threat to office supplies is minimal.