Personal Protective Equipment Market to touch $30bn by 2015


Middle East is the biggest market for the product; Asia is fast catching up too

Personal-Protective-Equipment-MarketConstruction activities are picking up pace in every portion of the globe. These activities however started in the developed countries during the early stages of their developments. Presently, every nation of the world map is untouched by round the clock construction projects as it is one aspect pushing the economy in the progressive direction. Middle East is a well known region where heavy construction projects of different kinds take place. The building structures and the methods in which a property construction is carried out in this area are unique and imitated around the world. However, the working conditions of the labors involved in the construction work are no less than life threatening, the work they have to perform needs to risk their lives and chances of them getting injured or even losing their lives keeps looming over their heads.

Future of PPE Industry:

With modern technologies and enhancements of the personal protective equipment industry times have changes and construction activities are much less risky as compared to a decade ago. The global industry for personal protective equipment (PPE) industry is well poised and developing at a quick rate to touch a whopping mark of $30 billion by the end of 2015. Saudi Arabia along with other parts of the Middle East have major share in this raised market value of the industry.

Wide-spread Ignorance which is steady changing:

According to the experts in the industry, 80% of the construction field accidents ranging from a simple finger cut to a serious injury or a life threatening accident happen due to the ignorance towards the use of PPE. The present construction industry around the world is a much safer one to work in, due to the strict regulations of the global construction associations and the respective government rules where the building activity is carried out; contractors have to abide with the standards that are laid down.

A large portion of growth in the industry is driven by the strict laws laid for the construction firms regarding the safety of the workers and increase in the utilization of safety equipments. The last decade or so has witnessed a tremendous rise in the safety equipment market as newer personal protective equipments have found their demands to the global markets and using these products is mandatory for the builders.

Personal protective equipments such as life jackets, chemical protection guards, safety glass, corporate wear/uniforms, beacon warning signs, emergency alarms, high risk protection, health at work, road safety, gas monitoring, waste treatment, air pollution controlling device are most used by construction worker from around the world. Unlike previous years, these equipments are used in all parts of the world as the construction industry is on an upsurge in most countries.

Growing markets for PPE Industry:

The market for PPE industry is growing at a rapid speed in Asia Pacific countries, US and Europe. The Middle East construction industry always was the epicenter for these products and will continue to remain the same. In addition to providing world class safety equipments, the safety gear producing companies are organizing special Maritime Security Submit, Fire System Integrity Assurance Workshop and Emergency Planning in case of Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals industries.