Potato Chips Market


Potato Chips Market 1Potato chips are a part of the It was in Saratoga Springs, New York at Moon’s Lake House that potato chips first originated and its discovery was made by George Crum. In 1853 a guest at Moon’s Lake House ordered for fried potatoes and when he found that the thickness of the fried potatoes was not to his liking he sent it back to the cook. George Crum who was a renowned chef at Moon’s House was taken aback by this act. Upset, he sliced the potatoes paper thin, fried, salted them and sent it back to the guest who loved it so much that the news crunchy potato slices started to spread like wildfire. Soon it was known as Saratoga Chips. It was from there potato chips was founded and can now be purchased in any and every country.
China is the world’s largest potato producer followed by Russia, India and the United States. Retail sales of potato chip in United States are over $6 billion a year and employ more than 70000 individuals.

The potato chips industry has come under criticism for containing ingredients that are harmful to health such as trans fat, starch, sodium and saturated fat. With individuals being more concerned about their health the chances of fall in demand for potato chips are likely unless the chips manufacturers innovates and comes up with chips that are not harmful to the health and contains ingredients that add on to the nutrition level. food market report

Lays is one of the biggest player in the potato chips industry with a reach in almost every country. Its flavors include – Magic Masala, Red Caviar, Nori Seaweed, Classic, Spring onion and cheese and more. Lays has also forayed into baked chips since the number of health conscious consumers are also on the rise. Some of the other brands of potato chips are Doritos, Cheetos, Krunchers, Uncle Chips, Pringles, Munchos, Kettle, UTZ etc.

Potato chips constitute the largest category under snack food with a contribution of 80% to 85%. The leading importers of potato chips are U.S, Germany and Brazil. The main reason why potato chips are so popular is not just because of its taste but also since its convenient. With the rising number of nuclear families, working population potato chips are a convenient snack to purchase and consumer since it can be found in almost every store.

With the changing consumer trends the manufacturers have to keep innovating if they wish to last in this market. Strategies must be implemented to provide something different to compete against the dominant players in the industry.