Substituting Efforts of Farmers with Agriculture Robots Market

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Agriculture robots are a combination of advanced sensing, mobility, navigation and interaction technologies. These robots are used for the efficient and cost-effective production of cereals, grains, vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural units. These robots are very advanced automated technologies that include farmer robots providing high-quality performances via various farming activities such as cultivation and harvesting of vegetables, rice, fruits, and others.

Agriculture Robots are the self-activated mechanism that is capable of performing difficult tasks. Usage of robotics in the agricultural sector has boosted the overall production and quality of the products. Such advancements in technology aid the production enhancement faster and get cultivated food within the minimum time span.

The high and improved techniques are expected to drive the industry demand over the forecast period. High demand for the modern farming and precise government initiatives are the other primary factors to boost the Agriculture Robots Market. These immense agricultural resources are positively influencing the farmers, owing to its increasing demand in the world’s supply chain. IOT’s dominance towards the agricultural industry has settled to boost the market growth. Numerous untrained labours and rising labour wages are propelling the agriculture industry to grow. Further, also the demand for driverless tractors and the increasing application of robots for indoor farming and dairy management are the other factors liable for the growth of the Agriculture Robots Market.

Replacing farmer’s attempt with the smart and self-activated robots are majorly propelling the Agriculture Robots Market. Thoroughly, an increase in the population all across the globe has boosted the market during the forecast period, owing to its tremendous demand for crop production, further. These major drivers are steering the growth of the Agriculture Robots Market. Additionally, an increase in population leading to high demand for more food supply has expected to witness notable growth in the Agriculture Robots Market.

Low-cost IoT devices are the management software's to be used in the farms helping to analyse data on, temperature, soil fertility, weather, and many others. They further provide insights to help optimize yield, improve planning, and make smarter decisions to maximize productivity. Various companies provide soil sensors for farms to create alertness regarding the soil conditions. Such advancements in technologies are driving the Agriculture Robots Market. Increasing consumer’s interest in advanced sensors and automated technologies is navigating the market growth. These key factors are anticipated to uplift the Global Agriculture Robots market growth.

However, the high cost of Agriculture Robots, including the dearth to understand the new technologies are pondered to be the major threats to the growth of the Agriculture Robots Market. These robots are very expensive and may create hurdles for the BPL farmers. Such hindrances in production are threatening the Agriculture Robots Market growth. The high-cost factor is considered to be a major restraint limiting the market growth. Apart from this, development training programs initiated by various governments may be the reasons to overcome the above restraints.

The increasing use of precision agriculture, among farmers, for collecting and processing data helps in making better decisions on fertilizing, planting, and harvesting crops. The Global Agricultural Robots market was valued at US$7.10 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach US$38.27 billion by 2031 growing at a CAGR of 20.70% from 2023 to 2031.

As per the region, North America is projected to dominate the agricultural robot industry throughout the forecast period. Large number of farmers present in this regional market are improving their demand for automated farm vehicles. Also, North America is observing unceasing investments in the high-tech sector, which is rapidly growing the market. Moreover, beneficial initiatives taken by the government in agriculture are driving the North America Agriculture Robots Market. Also, the Asia-Pacific market has accounted to have the highest market growth rate in the global Agriculture Robots Market. The mounting usage of these automation devices in the farming sector are considered to drive the Asia Pacific Agriculture Robots Market size.

Key players include IBM, AGCO Corporation, Autonomous Solutions, Inc., Blue River Technology, Harvest Automation, Lely Industries, Naio Technologies, Precision Hawk, Deere & Company, Trimble.

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