Television Channels – Surfing On the Wave of Growth


TelevisionChannelsEntertainment at its fullest

In the modern time, television holds a very vital place in our lives. It is a medium of our day to day entertainment, information, knowledge and enjoyment. It has become a daily part of our lives. For news, films, daily soaps, music, science, lifestyle and shopping, too; it is a one stop mode for all. And this medium is brought to us by the television channels. There are varieties of TV channels that are available today. National, international, regional language, foreign language, sports, kids entertainment, science and discovery and many more channels are being aired today. Some of them are only broadcasted locally while some of them, around the world. They are transmitted via television station, a type of broadcast base that airs both audio and video to television receivers in a particular area. Conventionally, they made their broadcasts by sending out specially-encoded radio signals over the air, called terrestrial television. Individual television stations are usually granted licenses by a government agency to use a particular segment of the radio spectrum, through which they send their signals. Some stations use LPTV broadcast translators to retransmit to further areas.

Television has become a huge industry in today’s date. This colossal industry has shrunk the world in itself. Because of it, very nook and corner of the earth is connected with each other. Within seconds, news of one end of the globe reaches another end. People sitting in one country can watch programmes telecasted in another nation.  The media and entertainment industry thrive largely on them. The production houses, making serials and documentaries earn a big time profit from them. The advertising industry earns huge revenue as they are able to showcase and reach the people directly through television by means of AV format which gives a complete description of the product, thereby helping in raising the sales figure. Movie channels also have a great demand among the viewers so they can catch their favourite flicks. Documentary network has a huge fan following among the nature and research lovers. News and financial news channels have the highest viewership in the business fraternity. Star, ABC and Viacom are some of the biggest networks in the world and HBO, Star Movies, CNBC, Star World, AXN, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, Discovery are the popular channels watched all over the world. Now they can be seen on a laptop and computer via internet and even on the mobile through live TV application.

According to a research analysis report, the world broadcasting and cable TV market has expanded by almost 6% in 2010 to exceed $373,000 million. The market is expected to reach almost $475,000 million by 2015. TV advertising accounts for the biggest market sector at just less than 48% of overall market value. America accounts for almost 45% of the world broadcasting and cable TV market. The industry is only reasonably competitive due to high differentiation and restricted buyer power. Hence, with his encouraging number it could be said that this industry’s growth is going sky high.