TRC Takes the Charge to Regulate the Full-Fedged Telecom Sector in Cambodia


Despite its position as at least developed nation and staying one of the lesser nations in South East Asia, Cambodia’s initiatives to flourish and update its telecommunications facilities are keeping fruit. There was very little facilities staying from before the tumultuous Khmer Vermeil days. As a result, Cambodia side stepped restoring the fixed-line industry and quickly released into alternative technology, jump-starting its telecoms facilities with technology. Needlessly to say, cellular services totally confused the marketplace, at least originally. Nowadays there have been between 8 and 10 cellular providers intensely competitive with each other in an industrial section that was ongoing to develop at a healthy yearly rate. There were around 13 thousand cellular members (penetration 86 percent) coming into the year of 2012 and thus determine was set to arrive at 17 thousand by end-2012. The cellular industry was ongoing in a very powerful development stage (40 percent plus annually) and is constantly on the attract interest from international providers looking forward to be part of it.

A number of limited fixed-line development had previously come about in Cambodia nation, mostly through financial commitment under international support plans, but this mainly gained the financial commitment Phnom Penh. Therefore, regional coverage did not increase considerably for a several years or more. The number of fixed-line solutions stayed relatively fixed for some years at around 50,000. By 2010, however, the figures were beginning to head up-wards. The appearance of Viettel in the industry during the year of 2009 been shown to be the induce for an increase in development.