Trucks-Rolling the Financial System of the Country


Trucks-RollingCarrying the load of Economy

When you move outside of your home, you often see large vehicles moving to and fro with big amount of load on their back roaring across the road. Those vehicles are trucks. Trucks play a very vital role in the economy of a country. They carry cargo from one place to another, travelling thousands of kilometers. As many areas are not connected with the railways, trucks play an important part in the transportation of the goods. In short, they can be termed as the carriers of the economy. From city to villages, from deserts to mountains, trucks reach every region of the sphere.

These heavy automotive vehicles transmit a variety of stuff ranging from coal, steel, automobiles, consumer durables, agricultural products, milk, water and petrol. As they can reach remote areas and deliver goods, they act as an essential lifeline for both the suppliers and the consumers. These giant automobiles come in various shapes and sizes. Ballast tractor, Concrete transport truck (cement mixer), Crane truck, Dump truck, Garbage truck, Log carrier, Refrigerator truck, Trailer or Semi-trailer truck and tanker or tanker lorry are the types of trucks in the market. They have a very important role in keeping the economic structure of a nation running, especially in industrial, agricultural and perishable goods sector. As for countries like India, their significance grows even more.  The domestic truck market is mainly dominated by companies like TATA and Ashok Leyland but foreign brands like Volvo, Isuzu and Daimler are also establishing themselves in a fine manner. The trucks in India nearly transport 60% of the total freight belonging to various segments of market and industry. The cause behind the success of the Indian trucking industry is the added advantages of road transport over the railways. They can accept goods in small amount, can reach rural and mountainous areas, and also require less time for loading and unloading of goods. As a result, India truck industry cemented its place in goods transportation and they have become the first choice of the suppliers as well as for the consumers too. Transporters and transporting companies are gaining a huge amount of profit due to the tremendous demand of the service rendered by them. In short, they are directly contributing to the GDP growth mechanism of the country. Truck manufactures are also refining their technology and engineering abilities of their trucks to meet with the current requirement of the customers.

However, in the recent times with the global fuel prices surging, the transportation cost related to truck transportation has sharply risen. As a result, the prices of the goods are also inflating along with it. Similarly, in the truck market, the sales have also seen some amount of decrease. According to a market analysis report this segment has experienced a 6.51% decrease of sales in April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012. With the latest introduction of Euro 3 and 4 versions of engines and CNG models, they are looking forward to cope with the pollution norm and fuel efficiency part. Though it is experiencing some amount of bumps it is hopeful to gain momentum again as before.