Understanding the Kaolin Market - Trends, Applications and Future Prospects

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Kaolin is a fine soft white clay resulting from the natural decomposition of other clays or feldspar. Additionally, because of its outstanding chemical characteristics, kaolin is a key component of many medications, including mouthwashes, wound dressings, desiccants, and temporary anti-acne creams. Moreover, with beneficial qualities, including fixed colour, strength, brightness, and grit, kaolin is used in ceramic and refractory applications. These characteristics promote demand for the materials used to make ceramic goods like plates, mugs, and other household items.

In addition, kaolin is used in the business processing of plastics and polymers by blocking, grinding, centring, casting, blasting, and chemical treatment. These applications are anticipated to drive the market’s growth.

The water-washed method is frequently utilized in the creation of hydrous kaolin because it aids in the retention of roughly 12%–15% of water in the clay. The most popular method for turning raw kaolin into finished kaolin products is water washing. The reduced impurity levels and enhanced brightness of the kaolin achieved via this method are responsible for the segment's expansion.

Kaolin market is anticipated to grow significantly through 2028 due to increasing demand from paints & coatings industry. The average kaolin price in the United States stood at US$ 160 per ton in 2021.
Kaolin is extensively used in the paints & coating industry, providing better suspension properties, rapid dispersion, corrosion resistance, superior water resistance, and reduced viscosities.

Furthermore, the increasing demand from paper, automotive, and others are the crucial factors that propel the market’s growth.

  1. Increasing demand from the Paper Industry –

This market is propelled by the paper industry's rising filler demand. This substance offers improved paper opacity, printability, brightness, and long fibre. It is projected that expanding the paper sector in emerging countries will drive the market.

In September 2022, the production of processed paper and cardboard in China was roughly 11.5 million metric tons. This expansion results from growing paper demand from printing and packaging applications. Additionally, the substance helps improve the printability of paper by increasing ink absorption, holding on to ink pigment, reducing tinting propensity, and increasing roughness. The strength of paper that has been filled with this substance and coated with it is increased by the reduction in particle size. Thus, the above factor will fuel market expansion over the projected period.

  1. Worldwide increase in Construction Activity –

Growing rural-urban migration and increased infrastructure investment have both contributed to an increase in building activity in developing countries. The kaolin market is expanding due to rising product demand from domestic renovation activities in many nations, such as the U.S. consumer trend of switching from wood flooring to ceramic tiles. A quick pace is also anticipated in Europe due to rising ceramic production and consumption there. Thus, the worldwide Kaolin market is anticipated to witness substantial growth in the upcoming years.

Recent Developments in the Kaolin Market:

  • In July 2022, Thiele Kaolin Company announced a price increase of 9% for all product categories owing to the current global economic climate, which has resulted in increased costs to manufacturing operations worldwide. For the company, these cost increases have impacted energy, chemicals, labour, mining, maintenance, and other inputs needed to produce quality products.
  • The deal to buy the kaolin material division of BASF SE was reached by KaMin LLC and CADAM S.A. in November 2021. The Performance Chemicals division of BASF is where the kaolin minerals industry is located. This significantly expands the company's kaolin business globally.
  • In October 2021, Industrial and vital minerals such as kaolin and rare earth are the focus of exploration activities by ASX newcomer iTech Minerals, and for a very good cause.
  • In December 2020, KaMin LLC and CADAM SA said that they would increase the pricing for their performance minerals in their worldwide markets by 4 to 9% starting on January 1, 2021, or as markets and contracts allow.

Global Kaolin Market is segmented based on process, application, and region. Based on the process, the market is categorized into water-washed, calcined, surface-modified, and others. Based on application, the market is fabricated into paper, ceramics, paints & coatings, and others. Based on region, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa, By Company.

BASF SE, I-Minerals Inc., 20 Microns Ltd., Imerys S.A., EICL Ltd., SCR-SibelcoNV, Sedlecký Kaolin A.S., Quartz Works GmbH, Thiele Kaolin Company, LB Minerals Ltd. are some of the key players of Global Kaolin Market.

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