Video Game Industry Getting Bigger and Better


VideoGamesThe amazing world of video games
Evolution has been a never ending process. With the passage of time, technology and modes of entertainment have also evolved like cinemas, music systems, televisions and last but not the least Video Gaming. What started as a “cathode ray tube amusement device” by Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on January 25, 1947, took an enormous shape establishing itself as an industry as a whole. Video gaming has come a long way of advancement of radical changes in its types , features and contents. It is no longer just a mode of amusement but has become something greater than that. Today, video games is no longer just a child’s play. From a tiny tot to an older adult, everyone is getting their hands on video games in some form or the other.

Presently video games are available on several platforms in numerous categories. Mobile gaming, console gaming, PC gaming with different genres such as arcade games, action games, shooting games, strategy games, racing games, educational games and much more. In a recent study conducted by Forbes the worldwide video game industry is expected to reach $70.1 billion by 2015. Companies like EA Games, Lucasarts, Microsoft games and Rockstar North are some of the big names in the Video game developing companies. Games in todays date have become more realistic than what they were before. They comes with life like characters, movie like story line, 3D animation with high definition graphics and nerve pulsating action. Games like Max Payne, Doom, Grand theft auto, Call of duty, soldiers of fortune and Need for Speed series has seen landmark success which has set a whole new trend in the gaming market accelerating the growth in this sector. Not only that, even the movie and the entertainment industry have joined hands with top game developers. Now a day’s many movies are produced based on theme of games and several games are developed on the theme of the movies.

In addition, with the introduction of Smart phones the mobile gaming sector has also skyrocketed, delivering a huge variety of games for the game lovers. In addition, with arrival of advanced Gaming consoles like Play station, X Box 360 and PSP, gaming has become more fun and interactive. The online gaming industry is registering a continuous growth as well. Due to this more and more individuals are engrossed in network gaming whereby two or more individuals can play the same game from two ends of the world. Due to its increasing popularity, game developers are promoting online gaming in a huge scale as it has become a speedy revenue generator for the gaming sector. Therefore the conclusion is, be it a medium of entertainment that pumps up your blood and takes you into another virtual world or a source that helps in earning quick bucks, video games is the answer to all.