Visa Power shows at Dubai Shopping Festival 2015


According to volume sales, Fashion Retail market scored highest at $151.2

Visa-Power-shows-at-Dubai-Shopping-Festival-2015It is a rollicking start for the year as it was also the beginning for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). The shopping carnival which happened for a bit more than a month was an ultra success and witnessed shopaholics from all around the globe. Alike every year this one too was beyond expectations for the organizers as sales figures outlasted all predictions. Merchandisers along with consumer electronic goods were the top two categories that had their bookings fast filling. The organizers noted a steep rise in the electronic payment mode; it was at its highest ever.

E-Payments (Electronic Payments) take off to new levels at DSF:

Visa-the renowned electronic payment firm which is also the largest in the e-payment industry witnessed a massive numbers of restaurant bills and it is stated as the topmost category with a whopping 31% growth. It posted $53.7 million spending which is up by almost $41 million.

Topmost Spenders

Visa cardholders from UK and Saudi Arabia emerged as the highest spenders in the festival this year adding $53.18 million and $29.98 million respectively to their economies. These payments were more than $ 60 million as compared to last year.

Talking in terms of percentage increase, spenders from Angola had the last laugh as they registered a windfall growth of 97% by total spending figure (according to transaction volumes) of $ 28.47 million.

Among other strong participators, there were North African and shoppers from Middle East who utilized Visa payment cards as dominatingly. The collections from these two regions totaled to $96.75 million for the first half of the festival. These values were followed by Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa which had posted payments of $72.69 million and $54.36 million.

Overall, the Dubai Shopping Festival was drenched in the wave of E-electronic payment mode and Visa card payment services was the most used medium that outlasted its long distant competitors.