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Our eyes are one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. It is a specialized sensory organ, without which we would not be able to see the world around us. While some think that the functions of the eyes are limited to only reading and seeing, this obviously is not entirely true. Our eyesight is more into organizing the body and mind that is practically important for an individual’s overall wellbeing, as most of our daily actions such as crossing the road, catching a ball, driving a car, cooking or playing sports requires visual attention.

There can be numerous reasons for our eyesight to go bad or worse over the time. This includes age related factors, lifestyle choices, family genetics, stress and exposure to harmful light. Just as we look after our health or take necessary precautions, it is equally important that we look after our eyes, as well. In case if someone experiences any changes or negative effects in their vision, it is advisable to visit an eye specialist for identifying the underlying issue.

Many of us often take our eyesight for granted, which in the long run if not taken care properly, may lead to disorders such as blurry visions, night blindness, crossed eyes, double vision, near-sightedness and blindness. There can be certain ways to care and improve your eye health such as wearing the prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses, schedule an annual eye check-up, consume a healthy diet and in some cases a laser treatment for corrective reasons. Although it may not restore your original vision, it can improve the eyesight and save from further damage.

Besides the above protective measures mentioned, scientists and researchers have designed a device that is intended to restore artificial vision for the visually impaired. The Bionic Eye, also known as the visual prostheses is a hope for people suffering due to loss of vision.

Defining the Bionic Eye and the need for it  

The surge in occurrence of hereditary blindness such as retinitis pigmentosa causes loss of vision by damaging the photoreceptors, but leave majority of retinal cells intact. Cases of traumatic eye injury or glaucoma are on rise which permanently damages the visual pathways and optic nerve. Rise in number of old age people who suffer from vision loss and macular degeneration and the number is expected to grow at a significant rate require effective treatment of eyes.

Bionic eyes are safe, reliable and are effective for long term use. Bionic eyes are also in vision restoration for people suffering from rare and degenerative eye diseases. Majority of the bionic eye technology being developed require a healthy optic nerve and developed visual cortex which states that patients need to have the visual ability in the past for these devices to work properly. 

The ongoing research and development activities to improve novel products for restoration of vision in blind individuals and huge funding by leading authorities are expected to accelerate the growth of bionic eyes market. Strong economic position of the United States and well-developed healthcare infrastructure is expected to act as significant factor for the rise in growth of bionic eyes market.

Global bionic eye market is expected to grow at a significant rate for the forecast period. Increasing prevalence of vision loss or blindness is the major driver for the high demand of bionic eye. Use of bionic eyes has resulted in positive clinical outcomes which is increasing the adoption of bionic eyes in healthcare facilities.

Global bionic eye market is segmented into type, technology, end user, regional distribution, and company. Based on type, market can be further divided into implant and external. The external eye segment is expected to account for major marker share for the forecast period, 2022-2026 as it improves the vision considerably. Increasing prevalence of old age related vision loss resulting to blurred vision is expected to accelerate the adoption of bionic eyes.

The major players operating in the global bionic eye market are Second Sight Medical Products Inc., Nidek Co. Ltd., Nano Retina Ltd., MetaModal LLC, Biomedical Technologies S.L., Bionic Vision Technologies, Pixium Vision S.A., Monash Vision Group, iBionics, Optobionics Corporation, among others. Major companies are developing advanced technologies and launching new services to stay competitive in the market. Other competitive strategies include mergers & acquisitions and new service developments.

Although the bionic eye is a successful development, it is still not wearable for all. Just as it has given hopes to millions of people with impaired vision to step out from darkness, we are confident that in the near future this scientific breakthrough will be a reality for all in restoring their eyesight.

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