We All Love Cereals: Traditional Breakfast Gets Replaced By Cereals


Breakfast CerealsIn this age of speed, no one wants to slow down. From Hi speed internet, cars, and trains to speedy breakfasts. Long leisurely breakfast has become a history, gone are those days when everyone enjoyed king sized breakfast before going to work. Researchers say breakfast is the most important meal in the day, but time strapped people have no other option than to take haven in cereals. Cereals are the easiest and least time consuming breakfast which has become a staple diet for students and working people. Just mix it with milk and then you’re ready to gobble it.

Cereals are made from processed grains; they are often mixed with cow, almond or soy milk, yogurt or water or eaten dry. They can be eaten cold or by heating. For more distinct taste people garnish with fruits like banana, strawberry or dry fruits like almond, raisins. Like most discoveries, the first corn flakes were discovered by DR. John Harvey Kellogg who accidently left a pot of boiled wheat grains to dry overnight and when they processed it the next day the world saw its first corn flakes.

A market research report states that the breakfast cereals category has seen a growth of 5% in value terms and 1% in terms of volume in the year 2012. The sale of the cereal market has been increasing year by year. The leader in the cereal category in the UK was Kellogg Co of Great Britain Ltd who has maintained its position with a 32% of value share in 2012.

The factors that’s accelerating the sale of the industry:
There are many factors that results in the rising demand in the market other than the fact that it is the most loved meal amongst kids and adults,

• Innovative products like cereal bars and hot drinks becoming a hit among people.
• Makers targeting different audience like kids and adults and making products for their respective taste.
• New and better products entering the market.
• New emerging markets in China and India have increased the sales.
• People becoming extremely health conscious and makers introducing new healthy products.
• The lifestyle change and time constraints have made the consumers to take them up.
• The rise in disposable income among the urban crowd has increased the demand in consumption of cereals.

Cereals are becoming a major sector in the food industry. People don’t have time to say morning pleasantries so having breakfast is a luxury. This new shift in the lifestyle has given a huge scope for cereal producers to get more profits. The Breakfast cereals Market in Western Europe