Welcoming Brazil – New Trendsetter of the Beauty Industry

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Have you ever noticed a crowd of Brazilians on the beach, or in the football stands, or strolling along city streets? One thing stands out - they have style. Brazilians like to look and be beautiful, for which they are willing to invest in it. Brazil is home to extremely beauty-savvy women and has become a trend-setting market for the global industry.

From an outside viewpoint, the country is seen as a symbol of tropical sensuality. However Brazil has one of the most advanced industrial sectors in Latin America today and is a major producer and exporter of automobiles, textiles, shoes, durable consumer goods, steel, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals.

Brazilian women are rising as a vibrant new force in beauty. From the suburbs of Sao Paulo to the colorful streets of Rio, the quest of beauty is so high that the women spend more of their annual income on beauty products – which is quite an investment. What’s more, Brazil has also become a center for brands looking to source unique, natural ingredients. Right now, it’s all eyes on Brazil.

Brazil offers a bonanza for beauty manufacturers. It is already the third-largest beauty and personal-care market in the world, after Japan and the U.S - making it no surprise that the rest of the beauty world is increasingly looking to Brazil to lead the way. The Brazilian cosmetics market, worth $ 19.77 billion as of 2015, is projected to grow to $ 28.46 billion by 2020.

Mass Brands-

Customers are increasingly looking for value for money products which are natural and beneficial for the skin, provide a range of combined benefits of high priced premium products like anti-ageing, whitening, and moisturizing at a lower than premium cost. These products class has been dubbed as masstige or mass prestige. Mid income customers come down from premium to masstige, and from masstige to mass market depending on the purchasing power and the multi-benefits offered in the products. There has also been a significant rise in the premium cosmetics category with famous brands such as L’Oréal, Natura, Avon, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and Kimberly-Clark, among others.

Concept of Natural Brands-

Brazilian consumers consider the environmental impact of cosmetics when purchasing such products. One of the biggest attractions for beauty brands looking to connect with this market is the treasure of ingredients found in the country’s lush vegetation. The concept of natural beauty products is expanding and one brand that tops the list is Natura Brasil, specializing in natural-based cosmetics, with many ingredients sourced from the Amazon.

It’s not just Brazil’s unique biodiversity setting the beauty agenda, but the happening city of Rio is fast emerging as a vibrant new fashion capital. The domination of Brazilian models on billboards and magazine covers is helping to set a new worldwide visual – the Brazilian beauty – that is filtering across the globe and producing a new class of treatments and trends originating from the country itself.

The beauty world is waking up to Brazil and the trends that emerge from the country could shape the products and treatments we buy for years to come. Clearly, its’ beauty industry has more to offer than just the infamous Brazilian wax. Essential to this is the new generation of smart and confident women of Latin America.


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