What Needs to be Considered While Beverage Packaging?

Posted in Packaging by middlemen on Oct 26,2012 278

The Great Economic downturn and a stuttering economic system continue to impact customer behaviour and actions, and in turn, styles in the drink industry. According to Mintel GNPD, since the start of the current there has been significant new affiliate marketing activity in the drink industry motivated by advancement in the liquor section. The increase of drink products makes drink brands and item packaging even more critical for success in a highly aggressive environment.

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Mintels exclusive research discovers that present day drink customers indicate a need for simple, understandable drink labels; yet, also want to be provided with many pieces of item information. Nourishment and health statements remain essential in this industry. Ecological issues are also an essential trend; however, it seems as if the struggling economic has imposed shifts in customer opinions towards eco-friendly packaging and recycling efforts.

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