Whatsapp’s Free Voice Calls: a Good News for Android Users


Whatsapp-Free-Voice-CallsWhatsapp-Free-Voice-CallsWhatsapp-Free-Voice-CallsWorld’s most used instant messenger “WhatsApp” has another update that will rejoice its more than 700 million active users; it’s the latest voice calling facility. Yeah, this might hurt the app’s contenders the most-apps like WeChat, Line and Viber have something to seriously think about as their count of users may drop further, thanks to the newest add-on in WhatsApp. The calling functionality seems to be open to all Android users and the most attractive news is that you don’t require any invites or need not answer any questions in order to utilize the facility.

Download the latest version and ring on:

The only requirements one needs to have is a smartphone with a net connectivity and a 2.12.19 version which the user can download from the App’s website or find it hosted on APK Mirror. It is important to know about WhatsApp Voice calling is that this upgrade is not available in the Play Store as it still has the older version in display. The calling facility mostly is set open for all android phone users as other operating system users like the Windows and iPhone may have to wait until the same is thrown open for them.


WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has added that the voice calling feature will be added to the iOS app soon.


No invites needed:

This is probably the best part of it as you don’t need to wait for an invite or strive hard answering a set of questions in the name of survey sheets. It is after a pilot testing period that the functionality is thrown open to masses. In order to start the voice calling function in your android handset, you need to require a call from a contact that is already using the facility. However, initial calling process hasn’t worked well in some cases but the functionality is ought to get better with time.

The app after the activation of the voice calling functionality adds a screen calling screen is extremely simple to handle as it has three basic sections which are received calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. To top these, the active calling screen sports the loudspeaker button along with the navigation key to chat screen and the call mute button.

Instant messengers and their business shares:

WhatsApp: 700 million+ (upto 6/01/15)

WeChat: 468 million active users (upto 13/11/14)

Viber: 608 million registered users (upto 4/08/14)

Line: 580 million registered users (upto 9/10/14)

Facebook Messenger: 500 million registered users (upto 10/11/14)

Blackberry Messenger (BBM):  100 million active users (monthly) (upto 4/10/14)

Still some work to be done:

Though the functionality is received well by million users of Android smartphone, there are some complaints regarding the voice quality on the call. It seems to be the best when attending or making a call on a Wi-Fi network; whereas on a data network there are call drops and inferior voice reception experienced. Moreover, the app company hasn’t formally announced the launch of the facility or given any such updates. Hence, as users its best to wait and watch how WhatsApp takes this forward and how it plans to shape the future of voice calling facility for its persistently growing subscribers worldwide.