With Google Driverless Cars Now Get RID of the Long Existing Driving Stress


Will these be permanent solutions for deaths due to vehicular accidents?

Google-Driverless-Cars-Now-Get-RID-of-the-Long-Existing-Driving-StressBeware; you may not need to fasten those seatbelts ever. Here we are, in a world which has seen it all; from invention of motor cars done by the great Henry Ford who started a motor company “Ford Motors” back in 1901 to the evolution of high speed cars and the present era of Super Cars which are seen on streets. Most of us (if not all) are from a generation that has seen loads of transformations in the auto world.

Introduction of technologies into car has given the industry a new light of innovative path driving on which things can get even better for a long coming future. Technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS and many more are in vast use currently which is making our cars richer in their functions. You might be hearing about the latest from the industry and if you have given it a miss yet, it is the youngest kid on the track, the driverless car invented by the Internet giant GOOGLE.

The Google driverless cars are in the making since a long time and presently they are into their trails. This indicates that they will soon be ready to get rolled out on the streets for the driving aficionados. In fact, it is inappropriate in saying that drivers should be ready for this product as it is a driverless vehicle. You really do not need to drive one; it drives itself. All that you are expected to do is provide details about your destination where you plan to reach and the rest is taken care by the automated mean machine, I understand it sounds surprising, weird and unreal at first, it may also seem to be a kind of fairytale for few but this is true and is ought to happen very soon.

Within a few years, we are tend to see these driverless cars on our streets (who knows you may be traveling in one of those) and facts like car thefts and breakdowns would be a thing of past. Cases of drunken driving deaths, pedestrian deaths and other accidental casualties may sound senseless to people from the future generations who may be regular users of this driverless technology. According to records; around 34 million lives were lost in 2012 in the US alone due to road accidents; now the push of driverless cars forces one to think the downslide such numbers will witness in the coming future.

The hard work put in by auto mechanics may reduce to drastic levels as all things in your car of the future will include software technologies and slight modifications to these would do the trick. Market research studies are already indicating at positive trends for these cars.

However, it is still left to see whether the driverless invention from Google would have a smooth drive or end up otherwise, according to experts; it is sure to face many problems mainly due to the different geographical set-up around the world. But one thing’s sure; it is more to become the reason of many good things that are waiting to happen in the auto industry, we just need to be patient and watch the space keenly.