World’s Largest Milk Producing Country Celebrates it’s Milkman’s Birthday


India celebrates National Milk Day on Dr.Verghese Kurian’s Birthday

Milk-Producing-Country-Celebrates-its-Milkmans-Birthday26th November, this day is special for the Indian dairy industry as it is the birthday of its founder Dr. Verghese Kurian-also kindly addressed as the “milkman of India”. He was the one who idolized the development of the dairy sector in India when the conditions were dreadful. His plans ranged from the ‘billion-liter idea’ to the ‘White Revolution’ which changed the story of milk produce and manufacturing of dairy products in India forever. His style of running the Indian dairy sector helped India to become #1 milk producer worldwide by surpassing USA in 1998.

On the 94th birth anniversary of such a visionary genius; here’s a brief account of how the industry is working today and what are the growth potentials that one can expect in the years to come.

According to the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), India’s milk output may go up by 4.8% to 154 million tonnes by 2016-assuming that India receives a normal monsoon for the year. The country’s exports of non-fat dry milk (dairy products) are expected to be the same at 30,000 tonnes.

The national consumption of milk is expected to jump to 62.75 million tonnes which will be an increase of 5 % from the current period.

The man who transformed India a milk deficient land to largest milk producer in the world, never drank milk; he didn’t like it


The exports of milk and NFDM (non-fat dry milk) is carried to milk scarce countries like UAE, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan; these exports are calculated to be the same for the year 2016.

Demands for milk and dairy products has increased in the recent past and the upward curve will continue due to factors like urbanization, rising income levels and demographic shifts.

Cooperatives which have been the backbone of the industry along with the developing private players are upgrading their production quantities and offering several innovative products in order to satisfy the demands around the nation. Products like milk, milk powder, butter, ghee, paneer, flavored milk, lassi, buttermilk, ice-creams and others is available in plenty throughout India; thus carrying forward the White Revolution started by Dr. Verghese Kurian.