Rare Earths, a Rare Element for the Modern Technology

Materials | Adolf | Mar 20,2021 377

While in school, I always found my chemistry theory classes boring. However, the chemical experiments in the school laboratory were always fun to watch and I looked forward for these sessions. Learning the reaction of chemicals and trying different options to get a new but safer response was great, only if one was thorough with the complicated periodic table. For me, well th...Read more

Talking to a Machine? Yes, with a Chatbot

Information Technology | Adolf | Mar 15,2021 137

A few days ago I was called for an interview at an IT firm located at one of the premium business hubs in the city. As I entered the building, I felt the need to reconfirm the venue of the interview. With no staff in view, I approached the helpdesk at the side of the entrance hall. To my surprise, again there was no human in sight but a large screen displaying instructions f...Read more

Drones Show Up for Work in the Logistics Market

Information Technology | Adolf | Feb 13,2021 132

I am sure many of us have seen the advertisement of a popular drink pack getting delivered by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as a drone. It may seem a new concept of delivery to us, but drones in various forms have already been in use for a long time. These smart machines have helped in capturing aerial data and mapping of unknown territories, accessing c...Read more

Smart Greenhouse – Redesigning Plant Production

Agriculture | Adolf | Jan 29,2021 171

Greenhouse or more commonly known as a glasshouse is specifically created to protect tender or seasonal plants against the unpredictable climate changes. Alike vertical or indoor farming, a greenhouse provides a controlled environment customized for the plants that are cultivated inside. This technique used for growing seasonal vegetation has been practiced since traditional...Read more

Looking To Improve Health? Try Switching To Plant-Based Foods

Food | Adolf | Jan 1,2021 107

Honestly, I am very picky with my veggies, except for a few popular ones such as potatoes, peas and cucumbers. But my lovely granny always had a different opinion. She insisted to have enough colourful vegetables on our plate daily, in order to live a healthy and long life. Since I may not wholly agree to her belief, however there are many people who have decided to go on a...Read more

Workforce Management Seems Popular, But Why?

Information Technology | Adolf | Dec 23,2020 302

To start a business and grow it successfully through the years is a task in itself. Since there are many factors that need to be considered when starting a business in today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment, it is simply not enough to have a great quality product or service at the best price in an ideal market. Besides having a business idea with th...Read more

Making Life Easy with Smart Speakers

House Supplies | Adolf | Dec 7,2020 108

My colleague is a great admirer of artificial intelligence and the latest addition to her smart home is the smart speaker. I asked her why you would need it, when you are controlling your home through your mobile phone. Proud to be a tech savvy, she explained, “It is far easier to manage with voice control than punching the instructions modes on your smart phone device...Read more

Why Are We Recycling Plastics?

Plastic | Adolf | Nov 30,2020 159

Plastic - have we ever given a second though to it before using it? Probably not, as we have been using this material since ages, since a majority of our daily use products are made out of plastic. Hence, without even giving a second though we tend to use and waste plastic products, which not only stack our landfills and natural habitats worldwide, but also cannot be recycle...Read more

Medical Marijuana, is it a Boon in Disguise?

Pharmaceutical | Adolf | Nov 27,2020 47

Marijuana – the moment we read or hear this word, the only thing that comes to our mind is drugs. But did you that this drug also has medicinal properties? Yes you are right; marijuana is a plant having some chemical composite known as cannabis to help relieve symptoms or treat diseases and conditions. For centuries, the cannabis plant was used medically arou...Read more

Automotive Industry Answers with Gesture Recognition Tools

Automotive | Adolf | Nov 12,2020 156

I love cars and the news of the grand car expo in town excited me to no end. Besides vintage models on display, vehicles of the future were the main highlight of the show. As we had heard and seen few brands manufacturing e-vehicles to reduce the carbon print on mother earth, there are others who are working with a more futuristic concept - the AI technology. Read more