Hair Care Products - A Rage in the Market

Personal Care | Adolf | Jun 7,2013 214

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair to me’. And then the lustrous, golden hair flows down the window. If Rapunzel has been alive today, she would be bombarded for her hair care tips. The Hair remains close to a woman’s heart. And Women from all walks of life have always gone an extra mile to maintain it. Hair care is a term for parts of hygiene and cosmetolog...Read more

Changing Landscape of Baby Food Market

Food | Adolf | Jun 6,2013 158

Gone are those days when baby food was a formula that was available in one flavor which was mixed in milk and fed. The options were limited and so was the demand for it. Baby food is a soft, mashed and easily chewed formula. These foods include meat, cereals vegetables and fruits. The taste of the food is very similar to an adult meal. But the present market situation of the...Read more

Give Food for Thought

Healthy Food | Adolf | Jun 5,2013 85

Today is World Environment Day. I am sure most of us wouldn’t bother and realize and frankly speaking a leading daily’s green page caught my attention. UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) initiative World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. The the...Read more

Be Determined and Succeed in Sales!!!

Business Services | Adolf | Jun 3,2013 276

While talking of the importance of the sales in any industry, company or organization, it cannot be ignored that Sales are the only function in a business which brings returns to it. All the other functions are cost incurring functions. To bring growth to any company, the sales teams of the company need to be well-planned and strategies should be systematically implemented.Read more

Cloud Computing: A Boon for the Business Organizations

Information Technology | Adolf | Jun 1,2013 113

The constant efforts of the brilliant minds in the IT industry have led to the invention of various new methods of recording, storing, managing and processing data. After all for any organization or business, the importance of source, easy accessibility and storage of data and information can never be understated. This puts pressure on the IT sector to search for new ways to...Read more

The Global Carbon Fiber Market to witness a double-digit growth a...

Manufacturing | Adolf | May 28,2013 89

We often come across the phrase - 'stronger than steel' in our daily life which is linked to ‘Carbon Fiber’. Simply speaking, Carbon fiber is nothing but fiber made of carbon. It is a material made up of fibers , containing mostly carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are joined together in crystals, after which they are relatively arranged in a line parallel to the lon...Read more

Coffee: A Morning Drink to Commercial Market

Hot Beverages | Adolf | Apr 16,2013 113

A sip of coffee in the morning/evening is like a fuel to our body and gives us energy to continue the day with a smile!! One of the most traded agricultural commodities and consumed drinks in the world. There more than 60 types of coffee in the world, the popular ones being Espresso, Cappuccino, Ca...Read more

How are films contributing towards the tourism sector?

Tourism | Adolf | Apr 15,2013 111

In today’s modern era of cinema, the locations where the films are being shot have become an integral part of the film industry and are contributing immensely to the tourism sector of that particular country. When a film is appreciated by the audience, then the locations presented in it are spoken about both by audience and producers. Hence, a...Read more

The Ever-Changing Mobile Technology Market

Smartphones & Mobile Devices | Adolf | Apr 13,2013 124

Which phone shall I buy? Iphone5 is better or Samsung Galaxy Grand is a better or is Nokia still a good one to go with or the upcoming Micromax or any other one??? Today’s technology has upgraded to a much higher lever and is getting better and better every quarter; and there are a huge number of options; hence, people get confused which phone shall they opt for....Read more

Yogurt: A Breakfast Day Market

Diet | Adolf | Apr 12,2013 115

Back in the 18th century Yogurt was just a staple in the diets of the people, especially, in the parts of Europe and Asia. But, things changed when the company named “Danone” was formed in the year 1919 by Isaac Carasso , a Spaniard, and named it aft...Read more