Why eSIM is the Game Changer of the Mobile Ecosystem?

Telecom | Adolf | Jan 17,2020 167

In these past few years, I am sure you all may have heard a lot many things becoming electronic or embedded, for example eVouchers, eTickets, eCigarettes, eSims etc. However going by the trends in technology and computing, I have observed one constant thing and that is seeing physical things turn to virtual or software devices. Following the very pattern is...Read more

Global Agriculture – Food for the Billion Mouths of 2050

Agriculture | Adolf | Oct 28,2019 317

I was just browsing through the news channel on my lazy weekend afternoon, when a presenter on the BBC channel caught my attention. “There are too many people on too little land” he said. I did not quite understand for which region or country was he talking about, when he continued with another phrase, “Doesn’t a planet of 10 billion look like a night...Read more

Love Mother Earth? Start Going Bio with Plastic

House Supplies | Adolf | Oct 1,2019 185

My grandmother always emphasized on the use of copper vessels, as the material was deemed to be healthy. But obviously I did not find it convenient to carry my food in it to work. The only alternative was the use of plastic tiffin boxes. Yes, the food smell did remain in the container which was very unpleasant. One day while at office I overheard my colleague talking about a...Read more

Switch to Eco-Friendly, How About Start with Electric Vehicles?

Automotive | Adolf | Sep 17,2019 226

What are you actually looking for when buying a new car - safety, engine, manufacturer, latest features, cost and operational savings, environment friendly? My friend threw a list of questions when I told him my intention of buying a vehicle for myself. While the options were thoughtful, I got confused with the last one – environment? Why would anyone think about it? H...Read more

Security Breaches – Mobile and Computers Alike

Information Technology | Adolf | Aug 29,2019 138

Today technology is everywhere and means everything for our daily use. As a young professional, it means a world full of opportunities helping me to extend my skills and talents. Be it education, business or for personal use, it gives us the potential to be creative and productive. Speaking about technology here, here we refer about the various uses of our digital an...Read more

Smart. Green. Safe. Smart Cities Pave the Future

Real State | Adolf | Aug 13,2019 216

A few days ago, my friend and I decided to party at her new flat. Everything was organized for the day- food, music etc. It was few more minutes to reach her place, when she clicked on a few numbers on her phone. Curious to know as what she was doing, she asked me wait for the surprise. Exhausted after driving for an hour, I entered the house dazzling with light and the temp...Read more

Cricket World Cup Fever – Burning Passion and Rivalry

Entertainment | Adolf | Jul 13,2019 171

Cricket – the word itself is mesmerizing to bind the people in unity while supporting the team representing their country against the opponent. An English sport that has gained huge global popularity in the past few centuries - cricket awakens the national pride and sportsmanship between the playing countries. The history of the sport is unclear in regards to the exact...Read more

Apple Takes On Big with Streaming Services

Information Technology | Adolf | Jun 10,2019 129

Remember how we all used to crowd around our television sets at home, to watch our favorite shows or movies at a particular time slot? Well this would soon become a memory of the distant past, as we will be watching favorite shows directly as per our demand through streaming technology, instead of missing it when it is live telecasted. With the boom of technology in every pa...Read more

Egg or Egg Powder – Nourishment in Every Form

Food | Adolf | Apr 22,2019 683

There is a famous saying, “An Egg today is better than a Hen to-morrow” by Benjamin Franklin. Well, it is true, nutritionally; eggs have a lot to offer. They are power-packed with nutrients associated to good health, as well as help with the prevention of many age-related diseases. Also with the Easter week just leaving round the corner, what could be a...Read more

PUBG – The Virtual Battleground for All

Entertainment | Adolf | Apr 15,2019 416

Everyone loves playing games, card games, video or online games, board games, sports etc. Whether playing it or not, the existence of games in our lives has always been steady. While some played only during their childhood, others still continue to seek entertainment through games in their adulthood. Today some play games during their leisure time, whereas there are few who...Read more