The Cheese Industry In US Is Valued to be More Than $10 Billion

Snacks & Confectionary | Adolf | Oct 10,2012 814

The production of cheese is a complicated one involving various processes for the different varieties available. Cheese is made from the milk of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, camels and/ or goat. But the basic principle involves the curdling and coagulaation of milk that it forms curds and whey. Since the cheese making process solidifies milk-proteins and fat, cheese can be sai...Read more

How Can You Make Email Marketing More Effective??

Smartphones & Mobile Devices | Adolf | Oct 9,2012 834

Email marketing deals with using the power of internet to send commercial messages to the target audience. Email marketing is a growing trend that is seen within the marketing industry. More and more organizations are switching over to this medium not only because it is feasible but also helps to reach a limitless number of individuals. Email marketing enables the marketers...Read more

The Global Fast Food Market to be Valued at $331,840 Million by 2...

Snacks & Confectionary | Adolf | Oct 8,2012 1126

As the term itself suggests, fast food is something which can be prepared and served quickly over the counter or drive-through within minutes of placing the order. These type of food include French-fries, burgers, kebabs, Pizzas, soft-drinks etc. The major brands in the fast food industry are Pizza hut,...Read more