Food and Nutrition for our Pawsome Friends

Food | Adolf | Mar 29,2019 164

Cats are my favorite and I love breeding them. I have been a temporary cat mom to quite a few, which included a Himalayan cat, Mumbai cat and a Siamese. By owning a pet, I have noticed that they actually boost our emotional, mental and physical health. Pets actually help to increase the happiness that we experience in life. As our pet is a part of our family, my focus h...Read more

A Shift from Reality to Virtual Reality

Entertainment | Adolf | Mar 22,2019 174

During my growing years whenever I used to watch sci-fi movies, I always wished how I could jump off the building, catch a running bus, rescue people in trouble etc, like the superheroes on screen. Though it was my childhood thoughts, but grew-up with a desire to fulfil them in my life. Recently I was narrating this story to one of my friend, he said it is possible. I just s...Read more

Shoes to Choose - Comfort or Cute

Footwear | Adolf | Mar 18,2019 128

Dropping children to school, hurrying to office, missing lunch, pushing back deadlines, hitting the gym - modern life needs the quickness of both body and mind. In all these chores, our primary mode of transportation - feet get exhausted the most. Although we have walked great distances without problems to our feet, but now it seems a big problem in this modern era. So what...Read more

Healthy Tea on the Go

Food | Adolf | Feb 25,2019 429

I have always been a teaholic and increasing number of benefits I seem to like it more. For many years, tea has been used for a number of medicinal purposes, helping to improve and protect our health. Speaking about the miracle drink, green tea boasts many health benefits. Consisting of antioxidants, it helps repair damaged cells within the body, promote good health and even...Read more

Smart Farming with Automated Feeding Systems

Agriculture | Adolf | Feb 1,2019 419

For a very long time, food and farming used to rely on the 20th century technology. However, things are now changing with the adoption of new and sophisticated technologies like geo-positioning systems, sensors and robotics being used by farmers to better manage their farmlands and animals. Besides harvesting various crops, watering the crops, fertilization etc. robotics are...Read more

A Well Defined Future with Autonomous Cars

Automotive | Adolf | Dec 7,2018 195

  France was getting late for his meeting. As he hurriedly sat inside the car, his in-car assistant informed him about the traffic jam at his work route which would make him late for his scheduled meeting. Franc makes a quick decision to attend the meeting from home and then decides to travel. Later in the day, when he travels to work, his self-driving car takes...Read more

Go Healthy, Go Vegan

Food | Adolf | Sep 25,2018 226

Growing up with the age old saying – to have a long and healthy life, there has to be enough vegetables on your plate daily. Considering this statement many people have decided to go vegan for health, ethical or environmental reasons. As per a survey in 2016, about...Read more

eHealth – Evolution of Health Over the Internet

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Aug 20,2018 188

For any minor health issues, how do we try to get relief? We could only think of visiting a local doctor or a medical store to diagnose the illness. We do not say that it’s a wrong practice, but in this era of widespread technology wouldn’t it be easy and convenient to get health related information right at our fingertips? The creation of modern digital health i...Read more

eSports – The Virtual Arena for Online Gamers

Business Services | Adolf | Aug 7,2018 276

Whether you have played video games in any age or haven’t ever picked up a game console, there is a strong possibility that you may have heard about esports. The word esports stands for ‘electronic sports.’ It is basically a type of comp...Read more

A New Hope for the Waste - Tire and Rubber Remediation and Recycl...

Automotive | Adolf | Jul 30,2018 267

Have you ever seen a group of kids joyfully chasing rolling tires along the streets? Or do you remember when children used to play on tire swings at a park? Since ages children have played with rubber tires, which now have also b...Read more