Blockchain - The Digital Way Of Recording Everyday Transactions

E Services | Adolf | Jun 27,2018 91

The blockchain is a great invention done by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It served as the public transaction&nb...Read more

Walmart-Flipkart, When Bentonville met Bengaluru

Business Services | Adolf | Jun 12,2018 69

The story of the world’s greatest ecommerce deal began almost two decades ago spanning across two continents. With secret negotiations and a local rival on the tail, it seemed like a never ending marathon for the involving parties. Yes, we are talking about the home grown company – Flipkart, a venture tha...Read more

Welcoming Brazil – New Trendsetter of the Beauty Industry

Personal Care | Adolf | May 22,2018 112

Have you ever noticed a crowd of Brazilians on the beach, or in the football stands, or strolling along city streets? One thing stands out - they have style. Brazilians like to look and be beautiful, for which they are willing to invest in it. Brazil is home to extremely beauty-savvy women and has become a trend-setting market for the global industry. From an outside...Read more

The Facebook - Cambridge Analytica Data Fiasco

Information Technology | Adolf | Apr 13,2018 64

Launched in 2004, Facebook has grown into a social media giant, and continues to be one of the most popular social media networks. Over the years, it has influenced the lives of many people, accumulating more than billion users today. It isn’t hard to see why a mere application in a vast sea of other applications and software would become so vital in everyday lives of...Read more

Bitcoin - An Introduction

Business Services | Adolf | Mar 14,2018 80

Bitcoin - a word that has become synonymous with money. In the short span of fourth quarter of 2017 to the beginning of 2018 and present, Bitcoin is something everyone’s heard of. They may not know what it exactly is, but most of us have the rough idea that it is or has something to do with money or more approp...Read more

Meltdown & Spectre - The bugs that have got tech world on edge

Information Technology | Adolf | Feb 15,2018 80

2017 saw a rise in the number of cyber-attacks, namely through ransomware. It’s exactly as the word says, holding the data of the victims for a ransom. Nothing seemed safe, there was one attack after the other. When one threat seemed to be over, the next took its place and wreaked havoc and became a nightmare for the IT users around the world. Some of the most prominen...Read more

The Benefits of Palm Oil

Agriculture | Adolf | Jan 22,2018 1315

Edible oils contribute to virtually every part of our lives. Be it being part of our cuisines, or used in making ointments and cosmetics to aid and enhance physical appearance. There are many oils that have been dubbed as superfoods at various times but the most prevalent one is - Coconut o...Read more

Market Research

Research & Development | Adolf | Jan 16,2018 86

Market research is a broad term used to describe the com...Read more

4K - The New Standard

Electronics | Adolf | Dec 19,2017 130

4K - a word I’m sure you may have heard a lot around these days. There’s a certain buzz going on regarding same, a hype if you will. You might wonder, what’s so special about it. Its just a video resolution after all. For the more interested just more pixels from the now common HD (High Definition) or 1080p/i. What is Read more

The “iPhone X” Dilemma

Smartphones & Mobile Devices | Adolf | Oct 23,2017 61

Usually, if you were to spend anything near or above $1000 on a piece of technology, it would be considered an absolute necessity. As a technology enthusiast myself, I would spend such an amount on say a powerful PC, which would be sure to safeguard me at least for the next 4 years against the flurry of advanced and feature rich upcoming games and software. That’s not...Read more