How Population Insights Drive Business Strategies?

Business Services | Adolf | Apr 29,2020 199

To dream about starting an own business can be easy, but starting one is actually no piece of cake. Many of the small business owners are unable to survive for long. Reason? Well, they do not know what essential factors need to be considered before starting a business. Some of the points that deserve to be a part of the primary checklist for a new business venture are - a bu...Read more

What the Future Holds with the New Industrial Revolution

Automotive | Adolf | Mar 26,2020 289

History has always been my favorite subject through school and college. Be it studying about the ancient civilizations of an era, heroic moments of battles for independence or revolutions changing the face of the civilizations. Although, I found the topic of Industrial revolution a little less fascinating, it is interesting to note that this very uprising set an important ma...Read more

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Center Pivot Irrigation Systems 

Agriculture | Adolf | Mar 11,2020 397

This time during the annual leaves our family decided to visit our ancestral home in our village. Well everything looked the same, except for the farm lands. Instead of seeing farmers watering the lands manually, we were surprised to see large watering pipes moving in a circular pattern. Looking at our shocked faces, my uncle explained that gone are the days when majority of...Read more

Building the Future with Renewable Energy

Energy Storage | Adolf | Feb 10,2020 251

While on my recent trip to the beautiful south lands of India, I could not help but notice the fields of shining solar energy panels outside the Cochin International Airport. Our driver was more than happy to inform us that this was the world’s first airport to become solar-powered, as the new energy provides all the power the airport needs to function. I would say it...Read more

Coronavirus – Possible Epidemic of 2020?

Research & Development | Adolf | Feb 5,2020 339

As millions of Chinese travelled to their hometowns or abroad for the holidays to celebrate the Lunar New Year, little did they know about the deadly new coronavirus outbreak had started creating havoc in the city of Wuhan. Wuhan, known as a city of cherry blossoms is a popular commercial center located in Central China’s Hubei province. Once the economic lifeline of t...Read more

Emerging Megacities - Rise of the Future

Information Technology | Adolf | Jan 29,2020 250

From walking barefooted across fields to riding on city buses for work, giving up open spaces for living inside walls of brick and mortar, we as a civilization have moved up the urban ladder in a very short span of time. Across time, history has proved that people have been attracted to cities that serve as centers of culture, religion, learning, work and economics. ...Read more

Why eSIM is the Game Changer of the Mobile Ecosystem?

Telecom | Adolf | Jan 17,2020 226

In these past few years, I am sure you all may have heard a lot many things becoming electronic or embedded, for example eVouchers, eTickets, eCigarettes, eSims etc. However going by the trends in technology and computing, I have observed one constant thing and that is seeing physical things turn to virtual or software devices. Following the very pattern is...Read more

Global Agriculture – Food for the Billion Mouths of 2050

Agriculture | Adolf | Oct 28,2019 397

I was just browsing through the news channel on my lazy weekend afternoon, when a presenter on the BBC channel caught my attention. “There are too many people on too little land” he said. I did not quite understand for which region or country was he talking about, when he continued with another phrase, “Doesn’t a planet of 10 billion look like a night...Read more

Love Mother Earth? Start Going Bio with Plastic

House Supplies | Adolf | Oct 1,2019 264

My grandmother always emphasized on the use of copper vessels, as the material was deemed to be healthy. But obviously I did not find it convenient to carry my food in it to work. The only alternative was the use of plastic tiffin boxes. Yes, the food smell did remain in the container which was very unpleasant. One day while at office I overheard my colleague talking about a...Read more

Switch to Eco-Friendly, How About Start with Electric Vehicles?

Automotive | Adolf | Sep 17,2019 391

What are you actually looking for when buying a new car - safety, engine, manufacturer, latest features, cost and operational savings, environment friendly? My friend threw a list of questions when I told him my intention of buying a vehicle for myself. While the options were thoughtful, I got confused with the last one – environment? Why would anyone think about it? H...Read more