Statista is one of the world's leading portals offering access to statistics and studies on 80,000 topics and 170 industries via its website. Statista enables users to quickly and conveniently access relevant market and consumer data and to easily process it. The data is available in English, German, Spanish, and French and is expanded and updated daily.

Statista provides its users with an intuitive keyword search. This includes auto-completion and the displaying of synonyms and alternative search terms. Various functions help to refine the search: It is possible, for example, to limit the search to certain content areas, to filter search results by region, year, and country, and to sort them by relevance, popularity, and publication date.

Content & sources
Statista's data comes from two areas: Statista collects relevant market data from third parties and makes it available to its customers in the form of statistics and studies. Sources include government institutions, such as statistical offices and ministries, international organizations, market research institutes, and trade journals. Statista bundles data from a total of 22,500 different sources. Around 50 percent of the portal's content is based on surveys carried out independently by Statista. An international team of experienced analysts develops its own market models, conducts surveys and in-depth analyses, and uses them as the basis for forecasts and key figures for various markets and industries. Statista’s own content includes expert tools such as the Digital Market Insights, Consumer Market Insights, and Country Insights. All available information on a source, such as survey data, methodology, as well as place and date of publication, is listed on the portal.


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